"Dear Wes, I Just wanted to take a moment of your time to personally thank you for all you have done for my company. My sales have risen an amazing 40% ! Yes 40%. Sorry to be repetitive, I just love the way that sounds. Anyway I just want you know that my account rep Randy is the man! He is the only person in the advertising business that has kept his word to me. Everything he told me was dead on accurate. I personally double checked everything he said was going to happen by such and such time, and not only did it happen but it was always ahead of schedule! I have since upgraded from the turbo package to the platinum. You can also guarantee my business for numerous years to come. I would love to continue dealing with both Randy and Lauren, Who also I've had great service from. Your a lucky guy to have great and efficient people. I admire you, and the way you run your business. If any of you are ever in New York give me a week or two notice so I can arrange for steak dinner. Thanks to the 40% sales increase, I was able to write alot more checks to myself. I like that. I like that alot. Go Randy!"
Thank you!
Robert Moloney, Owner of Tri-State Exterminators
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