"We began the process of overhauling our previously “jumbled” website with High Level Marketing almost 6 months ago, and our entire team there has been nothing short of amazing through the entire process. As the State of Michigan’s only One Call Notification System for the safety of underground utilities, we have an important message to get out to the public quickly. HLM has been with us every step of the way quickly responding to any questions or requests that we have, and they are always ready and happy to explain how or why anything works or is going to happen. From our development team lead by the “Laurens” as they came to be called around our office, Lauren Anderson and Lauren Merian, to our post launch Project Manager, Crystal Hooke, we have always been in great and helpful hands with them! HLM took every thought or idea we came up with and brought it to life in a more imaginative and amazing way then we could have ever thought possible! Since our site went live early last month, we have had countless comments on how user friendly and professional our new site is. We would highly recommend HLM for your project!"

Katie Campbell
Executive Assistant

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