People are no longer going to the phonebook for information, they’re searching on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Since 92% of all transactions start with research on the internet, be sure your website design & SEO company has your best interest in mind. Use the chart below to compare High Level Marketing with Yellowpages (

Compare: HLM Yellowpages (
You own your domain name Yes No. You're held hostage with YP.
Building your valuable asset over time Yes, we set you up for long term success and work to build the value of your business No. As soon as your YP campaign is done, you're left with nothing.  In most cases, you can't even get your domain.
Contract length 1 year 2-3 years
Unique website for your business Yes No. YP uses templates that are a one-size-fits-all approach.
Experienced account manager Yes No. Employee turnover rate is so high that you may be talking to a different person every month.
Focus on organic search rankings Yes No. YP lures you in with promises of SEO and then tries to switch you to Paid Ads.
All websites are mobile ready Yes No
Optimized local listing where people are searching Yes. We optimize for all search engines including your Google Map listing. No. YP relies on their own directory.


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