Did your competitors just get more reviews? Did their domains become more trusted? These are just a few of the things Footprint watches on your competitors to predict ranking shifts. Google’s job is to recommend the best businesses to consumers, that’s what keeps people using their search engine. We use this technology to build online trust for your company in the right spots, the ones that result in Google recommending your business over others.

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Footprint Core-70 Citations
  • Claims and manages critical listings belonging to your organization to establish trust with search engines, like Google, to recommend you as a top result.
  • Our FootprintTM Core-70 Citations technology gets you voice search eligible for Amazon’s Alexa and expands the power of your citations.
  • Audits your locations’ listings across search, maps and business directories for accuracy.
  • Identifies discrepancies and missing data, and corrects all mistakes.
  • Pushes correct location data to search engines and social platforms.
  • Prevents fly-by-night competitors from hijacking your listings.

Keep your businesses’ information consistent on the directories that matter.

Footprint Technology: Marketing Suite | High Level Marketing - social-platforms

Plus over 60 more included.

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Voice Search

Our technology also makes you voice search eligible on emerging voice search platforms. Voice search is getting bigger every day. We'll make sure your business is ready.

Algorithm Watch

Success in digital marketing is not about getting one thing right, it’s about getting everything right. Which means, you need to be on top of the daily changes search engines are making to deliver a better experience for people using them.

To do this, you’ll need to have several million historic data sets to cross compare ranking results and all the factors that might influence the results. You’ll need to do this daily. And by the way, the search engines won’t tell you what those factors are. Breathe. Don’t worry, even we couldn’t do that, and we’re experts. Until, we developed Footprint to do it for us. We’ll admit it, Footprint does a lot more than we could do as people with calculators. And we’re ok with that.

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Footprint Technology: Marketing Suite | High Level Marketing - goal-tracking

Goal Tracking

To make sure we’re on the same page, we’ll work with you to set goals for your performance. Every time we review, we’ll discuss your performance and the progress we’re making to meet your goals. Instead of trying to interpret lots of data manually, Footprint matches the data with your expectations so you can see how success is coming together.

Does Google “like” your business?

Google ranks businesses they know, like, and trust. And your business listings are crucial to what Google understands about your business.

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