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Website Design for SEO

Attract your
ideal customer.

When it comes to visibility online content is still king, but there is more to content than keywords. We design fast, flexible, mobile friendly websites on our MYCE platform. They are easy to update with new and relevant content, blogs, videos, specials, and social media feeds. Engaging your visitors is a big part of earning trust and credibility with search engines; ultimately moving you to the top of search results and driving more leads.

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Website Design for Small Business

Utilize your most versatile marketing tool.

HLM websites give small businesses a leg up when it comes to getting more leads. Our websites are built for performance on our own MYCE® platform and include built-in intelligence from our own Footprint technology. Together, they allow you to manage your leads, set up promotions, see your results, and produce the kind of reporting you need to understand everything we are doing for you.

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A Website Platform for Everyone

Updating your website is easy on MYCE

Making changes and updates on your website doesn’t need to be frustrating, expensive, or time-consuming. HLM’s MYCE platform makes it simple for your to make additions or changes yourself, or our expert team is always ready to do it for you. We want you to focus on what you want to say to visitors to your website, instead of the logistics of saying it.

Your Countdown to Success

Research & Discovery Research & Discovery

Your project starts with our team of experts reviewing the sale, researching your market, industry, and competitors, and getting together to talk about your project even before we meet with you.

Kickoff Meeting Kickoff Meeting

Our first meeting is all about getting to know you and understanding your goals. You’ll get to know the team that will ensure your success. and together, we’ll walk you through the process.

Content Creation Content Creation

We’ll need some input from you, and our team of experienced writers will create the persuasive content that positions you as an authority to the search engines, and the best choice amongst your competitors. Their number one goal is to turn visitors into leads.

Design & Development Design & Development

We know change is hard. We’re here to make your ideas real and your goals a reality. Our design and development team will create a unique experience that elevates your brand and engages your website visitors.

Launch Launch

After you're thrilled with your website, we'll do all the back-end stuff to launch your website live, including coordinating with any other partners you may have. We will ensure a seamless transition to your new and improved website experience.

On-going SEO Optimization On-going SEO Optimization

We like to say, “A website is never finished.” In addition to easily making any content additions or changes that are needed, after launch our SEO experts will continue to aggressively optimize your site. We monitor your page rankings and conversions, making adjustments in both strategy and tactics as long as you're an SEO customer with HLM.

With Digital Marketing, the Sky’s the Limit. Find out where an HLM website will take you.

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Let’s Talk About Your Project

Understanding your needs and expectations are the first step to seeing if we’re a good fit for each other. So let’s jump on a quick call and get to know each other. If we’re a good fit, we’ll provide a free website and SEO analysis along with a customized proposal for you to consider. So let's jump on a quick call and find out!

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Results We Deliver

  • We have over a dozen websites that HLM manages. They really have attention to detail that you don’t see in other companies. They really go above and beyond to always communicate with their clients. DryMedic - client since 2009
    +116% Increase in organic traffic
    +125% Increase in leads

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  • They’ve taken me from a small company to 40 trucks in the Metro Detroit area. Steve Bez, Mastercraft - client since 2012
    +45% Increase in organic traffic
    +125% Top keyword results

    We turned up the heat on Mastercraft's website and SEO strategy and it lead to over 50% growth in the first year!

    See the Mastercraft Case Study

  • It’s easy for me to recommend High Level Marketing because I know you are going to get the best in a website and customer service. They are professional, consistent, and just as responsive today as they were when we started in 2011. Paige Freeland, General Filters - client since 2011
    +32% Increase in organic traffic
    +65% Online orders

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  • We didn't know much about technology, the web, or how it worked. They were very informative and that allowed me to make the best decisions for my company. I always get great results and never have to worry about them returning a phone call. Doug Wartell, ADAM Divorce - client since 2014
    +38% Increase in organic traffic
    +29% Total leads

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  • HLM took the time to listen, to understand our business and our vision and to put it together with the technology. It's been money well invested. They are very responsive and I have referred HLM to other franchisees. Famous Mike, Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que - client since 2017
    +62% Increase in traffic
    +30% Increase in leads

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How do I choose a web design company?
Like any decision, you're placing a lot of trust in experts in an industry you may or may not have a lot of familiarity with. When it comes to evaluating trust, we recommend looking for signals like reviews from customers and diversity of work. Does the web design company I’m considering do a great job for customers? Is the web design company I’m considering capable of understanding my industry in my market? The key to a great performing website is connecting with your customers. We recommend choosing the web design you connect with most. Every HLM project starts with a kickoff where our expert team brings their industry experience and gets to learn about what’s unique about your company and customers. This is the first step in maximizing your website’s performance.
Wordpress vs MYCE
It starts with the core purpose of each platform. While Wordpress was designed as an optimal blogging platform, MYCE was designed as the optimal platform for search engine performance and to scale with a business as it grows. In benchmark testing, very few platforms can compare to the speed of MYCE, which Google has verified is a critical ranking factor for optimal SEO. MYCE has many built-in features like inner-linking technology and condensed display files without having to manage multiple plugins like Wordpress. Every MYCE site is built ADA compliant to ensure every person is able to access your site, while with Wordpress you may be missing out on business and opening yourself up to liability.
Do I need a website or just a landing page?
Like asking if you need a food truck or a restaurant, it depends on the goal. With a food truck (landing page) you're limited to the amount of options you can have. However, for a Paid Ad campaign with a highly specific focus, a landing page is typically recommended to focus people on converting on that page. With a website, like a restaurant, you’re able to give people many more options. HLM uses both website and landing page tactics combined for many businesses to achieve optimal results.
What is website marketing?
Website marketing is the promotion of your website to generate exposure and traffic. After all, what good is a great website if no one goes there. HLM specializes in not only a great website, but the marketing (promotion) or your website through search engine optimization and paid advertising.

How Does an HLM Website Get You More?

The right tools. The right platform. The right people.

Powerful Technology

  • 24/7 Dashboard with Google
  • Analytics & My Business integration
  • Core70 Citations
  • Reviews Platform
  • Promotions Platform
  • Integrates with most 3rd party platforms
Fast & Flexible Platform

  • Built for responsive sites
  • Best structure for SEO
  • Fastest load speed
  • Easy to update
  • Easy to restore content
  • Anti-spam protection
  • SSL security
  • High performance hosting
  • Automatic backup
Certified Industry Experts

  • Our teams are accessible
  • Our strategies are impactful
  • We make ideas real
  • We keep you connected
  • We hold ourselves accountable
  • We deliver

Partner with HLM and get more of what you need to grow your business.