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SEO for Local Visibility

Dominate local business listings.

To get more business online, you need to lead Google's My Business listings and map packs. But it takes more than just updating your profile and adding a couple pictures to get there. We use our Footprint Core70 technology to publish your business information to over seventy credible directories, and keep it updated at all times, giving you the consistency you need for Google to connect the dots and push you to the top.

SEO Services: Full-service SEO, Local SEO, & Link Building - reviews

SEO for Trust

Get more Google reviews.

With trust being a key factor in getting your business ranked by search engines, we offer a reviews program that helps you get more positive Google reviews while preventing negative ones, simply by reaching out to your customers with an automated email. More positive reviews on your Google My Business profile means more customers will see your business as the best choice to get the job done.


How We’re Different

We’re Accessible
Digital Marketing: SEO, PPC, Web Design Company | High Level Marketing - accessibleWhat works for you, works for us- phone calls, email, text, Zoom, chat, Messenger…we will make it happen! We are easy to work with and open lines of communication are just one of the reasons many of our clients have been with us since the beginning.
People Matter
Digital Marketing: SEO, PPC, Web Design Company | High Level Marketing - peopleWe care deeply about our Client partners, our Co-Workers, and our Community. We take the time to listen, to understand what's important to them, and to value their wants and needs as highly as possible. We try to live by the Golden Rule, and know that doing so leads to the best possible outcomes. We do our best not to let anyone down.
Our Technology is Fast, Friendly, and Powerful
Digital Marketing: SEO, PPC, Web Design Company | High Level Marketing - techThe difference in digital marketing between one company getting more visibility than another is razor thin and getting more competitive every day. Our websites are built on our proprietary MYCE® platform and powered by our Footprint technology, delivering the experience your users want, the power search engines need, and the flexibility your growing business depends on.
You See Results
Digital Marketing: SEO, PPC, Web Design Company | High Level Marketing - resultsSay goodbye to data dumps and pages of analytics that take hours to figure out. The HLM Performance Dashboard works seamlessly with Google Analytics and ties all of your HLM managed marketing channels into one at-a-glance, easy to understand dashboard. Plus, you’ll have an expert team to help if needed. We make it easy to make informed decisions that impact your bottom line.

Our Experts are here to help.

Let’s Talk About Your Project

Understanding your needs and expectations are the first step to seeing if we’re a good fit for each other. So let’s jump on a quick call and get to know each other. If we’re a good fit, we’ll provide a free website and SEO analysis along with a customized proposal for you to consider. So let's jump on a quick call and find out!

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Results We Deliver

  • We have over a dozen websites that HLM manages. They really have attention to detail that you don’t see in other companies. They really go above and beyond to always communicate with their clients. DryMedic - client since 2009
    +116% Increase in organic traffic
    +125% Increase in leads

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  • They’ve taken me from a small company to 40 trucks in the Metro Detroit area. Steve Bez, Mastercraft - client since 2012
    +45% Increase in organic traffic
    +125% Top keyword results

    We turned up the heat on Mastercraft's website and SEO strategy and it lead to over 50% growth in the first year!

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  • It’s easy for me to recommend High Level Marketing because I know you are going to get the best in a website and customer service. They are professional, consistent, and just as responsive today as they were when we started in 2011. Paige Freeland, General Filters - client since 2011
    +32% Increase in organic traffic
    +65% Online orders

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  • We didn't know much about technology, the web, or how it worked. They were very informative and that allowed me to make the best decisions for my company. I always get great results and never have to worry about them returning a phone call. Doug Wartell, ADAM Divorce - client since 2014
    +38% Increase in organic traffic
    +29% Total leads

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  • HLM took the time to listen, to understand our business and our vision and to put it together with the technology. It's been money well invested. They are very responsive and I have referred HLM to other franchisees. Famous Mike, Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que - client since 2017
    +62% Increase in traffic
    +30% Increase in leads

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Short Term and Long Term SEO Benefits

Short term tactics and benefits

Here are some things we do to affect change quickly:

  • Optimize Your Website - Affects the rankings for your website and your Google My Business (GMB) listing.
  • Install Search Console and Evaluate Data – Allows us to understand how your website is performing now and create benchmarks.
  • Optimization and Categorization for GMB - Helps your Google Maps listing show up more often in search results.
  • Competitive Analysis – Understanding your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses helps us define opportunities to outperform them.
  • Identify Broken Backlinks and Orphan Pages - Improves how Google allocates its resources for crawling and ranking your website.
  • Keyword Research – Gives us the foundation for creating content that speaks specifically to your target market, related markets, and improves your rankings in search results.

Long term tactics and benefits

Here are some things we do to establish trust, credibility, and keep your business relevant to search engines:

  • Core70 Citation and Link Building – Creating uniform business listings across credible directories helps us build trust with search engines.
  • Blogging - Regular blogging helps position your business as an authority, earning you credibility and trust with search engines (and potential customers.)
  • Identify Contextually Relevant Backlink Opportunities – Creating relevant backlinks is essential to establishing credibility with search engines.
  • Ongoing Market Analysis – Monitoring your market and competitors allows us to make predictions based on market and industry trends, and helps ensure you remain competitive.
  • Install Footprint Technology to Record Data – Our Footprint technology collects relevant data across multiple platforms so we can monitor the performance of your entire marketing strategy in one place. With access to your custom dashboard you’ll be seeing exactly what we’re doing for you and how your strategy is performing.
  • Ongoing Review Management – Actively pursuing reviews and engaging your customers on review platforms like Google and Yelp helps you develop trust and credibility with search engines and potential clients. We have the technology to do both from one easy to use platform.
What is SEO?
Most basically, it's the work that goes into getting you to rank well in search engines like Google. And there's a big difference between "optimization" and "optimized". SEO is like working out. Not all workout programs are right for everyone and largely depend on your fitness goals. If you service customers locally, HLM will approach optimizing you with local listings much differently than if you're a manufacturing company with nationwide services. And like working out, it's not something you do once or only for a few weeks, it's something you stick with to get the best results and for the long term health of your company.
Why do we need SEO?
Search engines like Google know that customers will only use their search engines if they get quality results. Google's job is then to find the companies it feels are of the most quality. A great SEO company, like HLM, is your digital spokesperson using various tactics to communicate with search engines like Google all the things that make you a great company to recommend to customers.
How do I choose the best SEO company?
Like any decision, you're placing a lot of trust in experts in an industry you may or may not have a lot of familiarity with. When it comes to evaluating trust, we recommend looking for signals like reviews from customers and diversity of work. Does the SEO company I'm considering do a great job for customers? Is the SEO company I'm considering capable of understanding my industry in my market? The key to a great performing SEO campaign is identifying and optimizing for what your customers are most searching for. We recommend choosing the web design you connect with most. Every HLM project starts with a kickoff where our expert team brings their industry experience and gets to learn about what's unique about your company and customers. This is the first step in maximizing your SEO campaign's performance.
Which is better SEO or PPC?
Both. Wait, what? Both. SEO is great for the long term health of your company to protect your online reputation and ensure your building an asset (your website) which can consistently attract customers and produce new sales opportunities. PPC is great when you need leads now. If you're in a market with well established competitors which might take several months to out rank through SEO, PPC can get you in position quickly to get more sales opportunities as fast as possible. PPC does cost more than SEO due to the competitive bidding of advertisers, which is why most businesses choose to have both strategies in motion at the same time to get leads now while growing their business for the future.

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