Michael Cipielewski Director of Digital Marketing

"SEO strategy requires finesse to build strategies that work. You discover things that no one else knows in the process - it's equal parts alchemy and archaeology. I love that."

Don Marks Lead SEO Strategist

"SEO is a daily competition to achieve the best results in an everchanging digital landscape. Getting the visibility you need to get more customers is the only marathon I like to participate in."

Sierra Harbin Information Architect

"Great content makes up the fundamental building blocks of any successful SEO campaign. When properly crafted, it accomplishes more than driving traffic to your site; it persuades, it captivates, and it converts."

SEO Services: Full-service SEO, Local SEO, & Link Building - parking-lot

More trust.
More traffic.
More leads.

If you do one thing this year to grow your business, partner with an SEO company that puts technology at the center of its strategy. We use technology to watch your competitors’ moves, expand your online footprint, and build trust with the search engines giving you the best chance to increase your traffic and get more leads. We monitor your website’s performance and use the data we collect to stay on course or adjust our strategy as needed. Not only will you feel the results with more phone calls, you’ll see the results on your personal performance dashboard.

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SEO Strategies
that grow with you.

When you consider that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine and 47% of people click on the first three listings, investing in SEO is no longer optional. To compete online, you need an SEO company that can take a snapshot of where you are, and provide an effective strategy to get you where you want to be- the top of search results. That means understanding your industry, your market, and your customers. Our SEO strategists follow your performance data and adjust your SEO plan as your business grows and changes. HLM is the SEO partner you need to break down the data, keep you updated with industry trends, and provide you with the answers you need to make smart choices about your digital marketing. Whether you are an established company, just starting out, or somewhere in-between, we have an SEO strategy that meets your needs.

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SEO Services: Full-service SEO, Local SEO, & Link Building - strategies

Short Term and Long Term
SEO Benefits

As the guide in your journey to the top of search results, we’ll start by assessing the fitness level of your website, internal and external ranking factors, and your current SEO strategy. Then we’ll map out a course that sends the proper signals to search engines, delivers short term wins for visibility, and gives your website the SEO stamina it needs to reach the top of search results and stay there.

Short term tactics and benefits

Here are some things we do to affect change quickly:

  • Optimize Your Website - Affects the rankings for your website and your Google My Business (GMB) listing.
  • Install Search Console and Evaluate Data – Allows us to understand how your website is performing now and create benchmarks.
  • Optimization and Categorization for GMB - Helps your Google Maps listing show up more often in search results.
  • Competitive Analysis – Understanding your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses helps us define opportunities to outperform them.
  • Identify Broken Backlinks and Orphan Pages - Improves how Google allocates its resources for crawling and ranking your website.
  • Keyword Research – Gives us the foundation for creating content that speaks specifically to your target market, related markets, and improves your rankings in search results.

Long term tactics and benefits

Here are some things we do to establish trust, credibility, and keep your business relevant to search engines:

  • Core70 Citation and Link Building – Creating uniform business listings across credible directories helps us build trust with search engines.
  • Blogging - Regular blogging helps position your business as an authority, earning you credibility and trust with search engines (and potential customers.)
  • Identify Contextually Relevant Backlink Opportunities – Creating relevant backlinks is essential to establishing credibility with search engines.
  • Ongoing Market Analysis – Monitoring your market and competitors allows us to make predictions based on market and industry trends, and helps ensure you remain competitive.
  • Install Footprint Technology to Record Data – Our Footprint technology collects relevant data across multiple platforms so we can monitor the performance of your entire marketing strategy in one place. With access to your custom dashboard you’ll be seeing exactly what we’re doing for you and how your strategy is performing.
  • Ongoing Review Management – Actively pursuing reviews and engaging your customers on review platforms like Google and Yelp helps you develop trust and credibility with search engines and potential clients. We have the technology to do both from one easy to use platform.

Pulse on the Industry Latest Updates

As your industry expert, we're keeping you informed of the latest trends and events that could affect your business.

Core Web Vitals and the UX Revolution to Come in 2021

Google has been moving beyond simple keywords as a ranking factor for about a decade; even before that, they rapidly gained market share on search engines like Yahoo! and AltaVista because Google didn't just rely on keywords in the content...

New Local Search Result Format Tested in Europe

Branded directory buttons are being displayed above the map. In April 2019, Google was experimenting with a new local SERP that highlighted alternative directory sources. This could have implications for the US in the future.

Flash is Officially Dead: A Digital Marketing Fable

For those of us that remember the web of the early 2000s, it was a bleak: static images that took ages to load, bland text, terrible tiled backgrounds that made reading near impossible. The animated GIF did try to offer some wow, but usually ended up terrifying.

Google Announces Largest Update to Search Algorithm in 5 Years

On October 25th, Google announced a major adjustment to their search engine algorithm that is likely to impact 10%of all search queries. The company named the update “Bert”, an acronym that stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. Google has indicated this is the largest algorithm update the company has rolled out in the last fifteen years. The basis for the update is a better understanding of language and how it applies to user intent.

Amazon after Google’s search ad dominance

Google is by far the dominant player in search advertising in the U.S., but Amazon and others are eroding that lead. Amazon’s share of the search advertising market is expected to grow as Google’s shrinks over the next two years, according to estimates released Tuesday by research firm eMarketer.
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