Responsive Website Design Services

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is built to adapt to any and all screen sizes (desktop, tablet, & mobile), providing a beautiful user experience each and every time. All of the websites that High Level Marketing builds are done in a responsive manner, guaranteeing that your site maximizes every opportunity to deliver a consistent message and convert visitors to leads & customers.

Why is a responsive website important?

For the first time, the majority of users now access the Internet via mobile (51%) over desktop (42%)? This shift, combined with Google now penalizing websites that aren’t mobile friendly, has made having a responsive website a must for all website & business owners.

Responsive Website vs. Standard Website

Feature: Responsive Website: Standard Website: Mobile Website:
Ideal for desktops
and laptops
Ideal for tablets No No
Ideal for phones No
Google preferred
for mobile users
Having only a standard website will hurt you in the rankings.
Easy to update content You only update content in one place. You have to update content separately on your mobile website. You have to update content separately on your mobile website.
Monthly Payment Plan Included at no extra cost when you work with HLM. Most web companies charge extra for this feature.
Responsive websites are the only websites we build.
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