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PPC Remarketing to Re-engage

Follow them until they’re ready.

We've all clicked on a website and then saw ads for that site on other sites later, reminding us to come back. That's called remarketing, and it works. No advertising campaign should be without it so we promote your company with remarketing campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. Visitors to your site that don't convert the first time will be reminded to come back and choose your company when they're ready. And our Footprint technology will allow you to see all the results, 24/7/365, on your personal dashboard.

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Paid Search for Brand Building

Keep your brand top of mind.

Paid search and social ads aren’t just for lead generation, especially if your business is seasonal or new, or your clients tend to do a lot of research before making a purchasing decision. Paid search for brand building keeps your company in front of consumers searching online for products or services related to what your offers. That way, when they're ready to buy, they already know you and trust you. As an additional benefit, it also helps your competitors from stealing your customers by advertising with your name.

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Paid Search for Competitor Targeting

Sometimes you have to play hardball.

Conquest ads are just that - paid advertising that intercepts customers searching for your competitors by name. It's very common, especially in highly competitive markets and industries. Let us help you make sure potential customers know there's a better option than the one they're thinking about.

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Paid Social Advertising for Sharing

Reach a new target audience fast.

Target your “soft sell” ads to people who fit your target market profile and demographics. Although most consumers are not searching for your products or services while on Facebook or LinkedIn, you can deliver ads to people who have the potential to need them. You can get high visibility for your brand through impressions and shares, without the higher price tags of other marketing channels.

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Your Countdown to Success

Research & Discovery Research & Discovery

The success of your campaign starts even before we meet with you you. Our Paid Search Specialist will research your market, meet with you to understand your business and goals, then develop a keyword and campaign strategy to guide our decisions.

Landing Page Creation Landing Page Creation

We'll need some input from you, then we'll build your paid search landing pages on our very own MYCE platform. That means we can easily monitor your campaigns activity, make adjustments quickly and easily and you’ll be able to see the results on your personal HLM dashboard.

Ad<br> Creation Ad

Unlike website pages, Google rewards paid ads with quality scores. The higher the score, the less you pay per click and the higher and more often your ad will appear on the page. Our PPC experts have the formula for high quality, high converting ads that get you more leads for less.

Launch Launch

After you're thrilled with your landing page our IT team takes care of launching it live and we're off to the races. You do absolutely nothing but prepare for the calls and lead form fills.

Bid<br>Strategy Bid

Your campaign is now live. Our Paid Search Specialist jumps back in to test the campaign, ensure it meets Google’s quality ratings, and adds in all the other backend features to to get your ad placed on the pages that get the best results.

Ongoing Optimization Ongoing Optimization

This is why you hire a professional to manage your paid search or PPC campaign- ongoing management. It takes an experienced Paid Search Strategist, who knows how AdWords works, to maximize your ad spend without going over budget.

With Digital Marketing, the Sky’s the Limit. Find out where an HLM website will take you.

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Let’s Talk About Your Project

Understanding your needs and expectations are the first step to seeing if we’re a good fit for each other. So let’s jump on a quick call and get to know each other. If we’re a good fit, we’ll provide a free website and SEO analysis along with a customized proposal for you to consider. So let's jump on a quick call and find out!

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Digital Marketing Results We Deliver

  • We have over a dozen websites that HLM manages. They really have attention to detail that you don’t see in other companies. They really go above and beyond to always communicate with their clients. DryMedic - client since 2009
    +116% Increase in organic traffic
    +125% Increase in leads

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  • They’ve taken me from a small company to 40 trucks in the Metro Detroit area. Steve Bez, Mastercraft - client since 2012
    +45% Increase in organic traffic
    +125% Top keyword results

    We turned up the heat on Mastercraft's website and SEO strategy and it led to over 50% growth in the first year!

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  • It’s easy for me to recommend High Level Marketing because I know you are going to get the best in a website and customer service. They are professional, consistent, and just as responsive today as they were when we started in 2011. Paige Freeland, General Filters - client since 2011
    +32% Increase in organic traffic
    +65% Online orders

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  • We didn't know much about technology, the web, or how it worked. They were very informative and that allowed me to make the best decisions for my company. I always get great results and never have to worry about them returning a phone call. Doug Wartell, ADAM Divorce - client since 2014
    +38% Increase in organic traffic
    +29% Total leads

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  • HLM took the time to listen, to understand our business and our vision and to put it together with the technology. It's been money well invested. They are very responsive and I have referred HLM to other franchisees. Famous Mike, Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que - client since 2017
    +62% Increase in traffic
    +30% Increase in leads

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What's the difference between paid search and organic search?
The primary difference between paid search and organic search is the cost. SEO is great for the long term health of your company to protect your online reputation and ensure your building an asset (your website) which can consistently attract customers and produce new sales opportunities. PPC is great when you need leads now. If you're in a market with well established competitors which might take several months to out rank through SEO, PPC can get you in position quickly to get more sales opportunities as fast as possible. PPC does cost more than SEO due to the competitive bidding of advertisers, which is why most companies choose HLM to have both strategies in motion at the same time to get leads now while growing their business for the future.
What's better Facebook Ads vs Google AdWords?
Google Ads (Adwords) capture customers who are searching specifically for your products and services. Typically, those customers already have a need or a problem and are searching for a solution. Google Ads allow you to present your company as the solution. In comparison, Facebook Ads are great to build awareness for your products and services to people who may not be aware of your service, or even aware they had a problem which you're bringing to their attention. Facebook Ads can work great for new products and employee recruitment campaigns. HLM executes campaigns for many purposes for clients and typically recommends maximizing Google Ads first.
Is paid search or PPC expensive?
It can be, especially if you self manage your campaign or neglect it. We find the most waste goes to irrelevant searches that don’t result in new leads for your company. HLM approaches campaigns by first having a kickoff call with you to help determine what lead cost would make ROI sense for your company.
Can I do PPC myself?
Yes. Google would prefer it, as it would result in more money for Google. We find nearly every compay who comes to us and was previously managing their own campaign saves more money in wasted spend than our professional management costs. Likely for less cost, you can be getting much better performance having a professional Paid Ads management company like HLM.

How Does an HLM Website Get You More?

The right tools. The right platform. The right people.

Powerful Technology

  • 24/7 Dashboard with Google
  • Analytics & My Business integration
  • Core70 Citations
  • Reviews Platform
  • Promotions Platform
  • Integrates with most 3rd party platforms
Fast & Flexible Platform

  • Built for responsive sites
  • Best structure for SEO
  • Fastest load speed
  • Easy to update
  • Easy to restore content
  • Anti-spam protection
  • SSL security
  • High performance hosting
  • Automatic backup
Certified Industry Experts

  • Our teams are accessible
  • Our strategies are impactful
  • We make ideas real
  • We keep you connected
  • We hold ourselves accountable
  • We deliver

Partner with HLM and get more of what you need to grow your business.

Best PPC Advertising Company

What is PPC advertising?

PPC advertising is a digital marketing strategy to display your company's offerings through ads that appear at the top of search engines when people search or within social media feeds.  The benefit of digital advertising with PPC is that you can have your company show up at the top of Google search results (even above the free listings) very quickly within a couple of weeks.

How big should my monthly PPC advertising budget be?

Your PPC advertising budget will be determined on many people are searching for your services in your market and how many leads you would like to get for your company. At High Level Marketing we'll provide you with a low-end and high-end budget for your target market so that you can decide how many of the potential customers searching you would like to show your ad to.  PPC advertising generally should represent a major portion of your digital advertising budget.

How do the best Alabama and Michigan PPC management companies achieve results?

  • The best Michigan PPC management companies identify the best keywords to use for your campaign based on the volume of people doing the searches
  • The best Alabama PPC companies use remarketing ads to remind people to go back to your website
  • The top Michigan PPC advertising companies give you insightful reports to understand how your PPC campaign is performing