We’re not the only act in town, but we’re the best. After seven years in business, we know what it takes to build websites that help businesses grow.  And in our world, “growth” means driving traffic, leads, and sales that allow a business to scale with new products, employees, company trucks, locations, etc. Use the chart below to compare High Level Marketing with the other web companies in the market.

Compare: HLM Other Web Companies
You own your domain name Yes Not always. Many other web companies keep you as a client by holding your domain hostage.
Designed by professionals Yes Not necessarily. Unless you've tested over 7,500 designs in over 400 nationwide markets to find out what works the best.
Unique website for your business Yes Not necessarily. In most cases, you'll have to choose a template that may or may not be right for your company.
Focus on organic search rankings Yes Not necessarily. If they're a web design firm only, they won't build your website to rank in search engines.
All websites are mobile ready Yes No. Most often, there is an extra charge for this.
Fast turnaround time Yes. Within 30-45 days. No. Industry average is 3-9 months.
Affordable pricing Yes. We want you as a customer for life. No. Most companies try to get the most from you up front.
High customer satisfaction Yes. 98% of our customers stay with us every year. No. Industry average is only 35%.


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