There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors in the search engine optimization (SEO) world, preying on the fact that most small business owners don’t understand what they’re actually paying for. But unlike most other SEO companies, we believe in full transparency.  So much so that all of our SEO clients are recommended the service-level that will drive the best results for their business. Because it’s not about how much you pay us, it’s about the results you get for trusting in us as your SEO company.

Compare: HLM Other SEO Companies
Transparency Yes No. Most won't tell you what they're doing.
Reporting Yes. Focused on new leads. Not necessarily.
Goals and timelines set Yes No
You own your domain name Yes Not always. Many other SEO companies keep you as a client by holding your domain hostage.
Invested over $2 million in developing technology Yes No. Most act on what they've read online.
Focus on organic search rankings Yes Not necessarily. Many hook you in on SEO and then try to sell you Paid Ads.
Affordable pricing Yes. We want you as a customer for life. No. Most companies try to get the most from you up front.
High customer satisfaction Yes. 98% of our customers stay with us every year. No. Industry average is only 35%.
Awesome reputation Yes. 4.9 out of 5 star Google Rating. Read our reviews Not necessarily.


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