We understand how important every dollar is to a small business.  That’s why our dedicated team here in West Bloomfield, Mi puts a focus on top notch, proactive customer service. We pride ourselves on our 5-Star Experience credo, and we’ll do what’s necessary to make sure your investment in us sees a positive return for your business.

Compare: HLM Offshore Companies
You own your domain name Yes Not always.
Designed by professionals and high attention to detail Yes No. Unless they've tested over 7,500 designs in over 400 nationwide markets to find out what works the best.
Communication and availability Easy, fast, and clear. Difficult. Most often results in a lot of wasted time and misunderstandings.
Accountability Yes No. Most are here today, and gone tomorrow just trying to make a quick buck.
Experienced account manager Yes No. Employee turnover rate is so high that you may be talking to a different person every month.
Focus on organic search rankings Yes No
All websites are mobile ready Yes No
Optimized local listing where people are searching Yes. We optimize for all search engines including your Google Map listing. No


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