Service Factors Industry Average Your Market
Industry Competition HIGH (6.50/10) HIGH (6.55/10)
Google Ads Exclusive Lead Cost $75 $94
Google Ads Cost-Per-Click (Approx) $20 $31
Calls to Form Fillout Ratio 2 to 1 2 to 1
Avg Website Conversion Rate 5% 4%
Avg Job Value $3,000 $3,762
Avg Customer Lifetime Value $3,000 $3,762
10 to 1 ROI Customer Acquisition Cost $300 $376
Novi, MI + 10 Mile Radius Market
Potential Monthly Customers
Based on the applicable population in the market combined with how often the applicable population needs the service (and many other factors in HLM's proprietary algorithm), the estimated number of potential customers for all competitors to compete over is shown.
Population Applicable 84,722 (36%)
Population Total 233,978
Houses 73,818
% that Own Home 71%
Avg Age 40
Avg Income $48,160
Zip Codes found within Radius 11
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