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For 10+ years, High Level Marketing has been a trusted digital marketing agency for top in-home health care agencies across the country. Why? Because succeeding in today’s competitive marketplace means getting your brand visibility at the top of search results- and keeping it there.

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What's the Best Marketing Strategy for Senior Home Care Agencies?

The digital marketing experts at High Level Marketing break it down:

web design agency for senior in home care websites


You get one chance to look like a reputable, credible, caring home care agency online- your website. Trust a leader in home health care marketing, High Level Marketing, to deliver a home care website people love.

The first place people go to research in-home care for seniors is the internet. Content marketing and SEO strategies will guide them to your website's landing pages, but the web design and experience will be most important when it comes to decision making. 

Choosing an in-home health care agency for a loved one is personal. At first glance, your website needs to connect with the visitor's emotions. Then it needs persuasive content to deliver relevant information about care, costs, services, and your team that helps them feel confident about choosing your home care agency. High Level Marketing ensures your website design includes website pages that not only look amazing, but also produce more web leads.

Our high converting websites are built WordPress and MYCE platforms. That means your new website will meet or exceed Google standards for speed, usability, and performance. They are easy to edit, integrate with most APIs, Google Analytics, and other data collection and reporting tools. Our websites also come with a personal performance dashboard making it easy to understand how your website and marketing channels are performing.

Biggest Impact Short Term

Our senior home care website design team creates professional, fully responsive websites with amazing user experiences that persuade families to schedule a consultation or request more info through persuasive calls to actions. Once your own home care website is launched you'll feel the impact of new client inquiries right away. Even if the SEO strategy hasn't kicked in yet, the new traffic coming in will convert at a higher rate and you'll have an uptick in visits, calls, and of course, clients.

ROI High

Your website is where you'll feel your investment the most. First, you'll attract a steady flow of web leads. This means meeting your lead generation and retention goals and a steady flow of income. Second, with so many channels directed to your senior home care website (directory listings, social media, ad campaigns) a robust website from High Level Marketing will have a positive impact on the senior home health care marketing campaigns you have running. 

Attract more in-home care clients with a high converting web design:

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home health services seo stratgegy


The home care industry is highly competitive. Search engine optimization will help you stand out from your competitors and make sure your senior home care agency is visible when consumers and families are searching in your area for elderly care, senior care, dementia care, Alzheimer care, and home health care. High Level Marketing brings decades of search marketing experience to your marketing strategies.

We create SEO programs with rich content to help ensure your organic visibility on Google, Yahoo, and Bing to keep your home care agency as a leading option for prospective families. HLM develops comprehensive SEO strategies to drive visibility in Organic Search and Google Maps.

Search engine optimization is not only the key to online visibility, it's the one marketing initiative that ties all of your marketing tactics together. Everything a reputable digital advertising agency like High Level Marketing does to promote your home care business online benefits from some form of search engine optimization. 

Biggest Impact Long Term

Optimization of Your Google My Business listing (GMB listing) is one of the marketing strategies our senior care marketers recommend to promote your home care business. GMB listings get millions of engagements every year, so completing them with reviews, photos, and service information will help guide prospective tenants your way. Choosing High Level Marketing, a national senior home care marketing agency to manage your search engine optimization, will ensure your Google My Business listing has the right SEO strategy to maximize visibility in your neighborhood and community for your senior home care services. 

ROI Highest

There is no such thing as "free leads." Reaching and maintaining top listings for senior home care or in home health care services in organic search results means investing upfront in search engine optimization. The good news is because you aren't paying per click or per lead, once you establish a top position with search engines, SEO will become your lowest cost per lead source.

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elderly care services ppc


When it comes to home care marketing every geolocation is highly competitive. Not only are you competing for top positions with senior care and home health care services, but you are also competing against senior care blogs and directory websites.

Ad management from an experienced senior home care marketing agency is critical to helping generate new lease leads for your business.

High Level Marketing is a leading senior home care marketing agency and Google premier partner that can help generate quality leads at the right investment for your senior home care agency. Our team of certified Google Ads and Facebook Ads team will leverage their expertise and our award-winning technology to get your home care agency in front of the right family members online. Our Google Ads program management has proven effective in generating new senior placement inquiries throughout the country.

Biggest Impact Short Term

You have a small window of opportunity for attracting and engaging families looking for in-home care, elderly services, or memory care for a parent or loved one. PPC and social media advertising is an excellent way to increase visibility, boost web traffic, and keep your beds occupied. The flexibility of social media platforms allows fast campaign updates and easy tracking of ROI.

ROI Medium

Paid search and social advertising mean you pay per click or paying per lead. That's a big reason for choosing an experienced home care marketing agency that can develop an efficient digital campaign strategy that can effectively target families looking for in-home senior care by location, age, interests, and more to keep your cost as low as possible.

Get more visibility for your in-home health care services with strategic digital marketing campaigns:

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senior home care business social media


How important is the social media marketing channel to maintaining a solid client base for your home care agency? Very!

There is no better way for family members to experience your offerings than with a professionally maintained social media presence. Organic social media tactics include regular posting to social media channels, creating referral sources, and targeting baby boomers with social media marketing.

Of course, we highly recommend a member of your leadership team take ownership of social media posting. After all, your team leads can accurately capture the best moments of your caregivers and ensure a timely posting to your social media platforms as one of your promotional strategies.

Where a social media marketing agency like High Level Marketing comes in is to create a posting schedule to ensure regular communications that promote your senior care team and services, and keep people engaged using proven marketing tactics.

Biggest Impact Long Term

As part of your long-term sales and marketing strategy, building followers, getting engagement, and referrals from happy clients will create an amazing first impression for anyone looking for senior care in your area. After all, when it comes to choosing a in-home care for mom or dad, people trust the opinions of other people. Keeping your page and profile current and filled with photos of fun senior experiences with your team will help families imagine what it will be like for their loved one to be in your team's care.

ROI Medium

Because you are not paying for clicks, social media marketing can be performed in-house at a minimal cost. Posting social events, photos, and including live chat are easy ways to build your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media pages. For the best ROI from social media, we recommend using a senior care marketing agency like High Level Marketing to plan a social media strategy that will get you the most impressions, shares, likes, and reposts on all of your platforms.

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senior home care agency content marketing


You're probably wondering what is content marketing? Content marketing is a strategy for creating and distributing relevant and consistent information to attract and retain clients.

For most home care companies in the senior home care industry, it means creating an amazing website filled with information and content pertinent to influencing the decision to schedule a consultation or request more information. For the most successful home care SEO strategies to work, content marketing includes blogging, internal link building, and dedicated web pages that support a keyword strategy.

Hiring a senior home care marketing agency with teams specializing in the senior home care industry will ensure your original and relevant content gets into the hands of people with aging parents. Our content marketing experts produce original, relevant content to reach and create awareness for your brand for families various stages in their decision making from research to inquiry to decision.

Biggest Impact Long Term

Content marketing in the senior home care industry is a long-term strategy. The goal is to build pillars of topical content, like "how to choose an in-home caregiver," that not only get picked up by search engines for specific keyword searches but also to boost authority to the primary keywords like "senior home care services near me." As long as these pages exist, they will continue to build trust with search engines and influence your overall website page rankings.

ROI Medium

Content marketing is a worthwhile investment of your marketing budget. As long as you or your preferred senior home care marketing agency are developing relevant content and posting regularly consistent to social platforms, blogging, and updating your website, you will continue to be rewarded year after year with top search results.

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home care review building


Choosing the right in-home caregiver for mom or dad is not only stressful, but it also comes with a wide range of emotions. Researching private duty nurses or in-home caregivers will be the first step to choosing a new senior home care agency.

In addition to visiting your website, one of the first things people do to reinforce they are making the right decision, is to read Google reviews. Maintaining a positive online reputation is essential for helping families choose you.

We know excellent care and family support are essential to earning positive reviews online. But for many senior home care marketers, getting family members to post reviews about their experience can be challenging. High Level Marketing has review-building solutions that make it easy to ask for a review through our automated review program. All you need to do is upload emails into your performance dashboard.

Our program uses Net Promoter Score® (NPS) to determine how satisfied a client is with your senior services. The highest scorers will be asked to leave a Google review. Those with low scores will be asked to provide feedback directly so you have the opportunity to make things right- avoiding a low or negative review.

Biggest ImpactShort Term

Google reviews can be your best referral source. That's why it's so important to respond to reviews quickly-both good and bad reviews. People want to read about other people's experiences with your staff and the impact your agency had on their loved one's quality of life. Of course, people will especially, read the bad reviews. One of the best reputation management strategies is to demonstrate your desire to provide a solution to any concerns posted. No one expects perfection. They are looking for compassion and a willingness to make things right.

ROI High

If you are doing reputation management in-house it takes just a few minutes to respond to reviews posted on platforms like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Directory sites. Showing your appreciation for a great review and responding to a bad one is an easy way to earn a great online reputation. A senior home care marketing agency like High Level Marketing can help you keep on top it!

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Top Digital Marketing Agency Answers Senior Home Care Marketing FAQs

What marketing services do you recommend to market a skilled nursing, private duty, memory care, or senior home care agency?

The senior care industry is extremely competitive. It takes a strong digital foundation that starts with a professional, responsive web design that has an excellent user experience on both desktop and mobile. Build into that an SEO strategy that includes backlinks, keyword strategy, and relevant content that is educational, empathetic, and persuasive. Extend your reach with paid search or PPC, paid social media, social media marketing, blogging, and email, and you have a robust senior marketing digital strategy. Of course, this kind of strategy takes time. Work with High Level Marketing and we'll create a short term and long term senior marketing strategy and marketing services that reaches families now and keeps your agency in the forefront for years to come.

How important is it to work with a marketing agency that has experience in senior care lead generation?

Growing your web presence online has never been more challenging. With competition from dozens of wall street capitalized aggregators, gaining a competitive advantage and generating leads at an effective cost per click is more complex than it has been in many years. The market will also be feeling pressure from the post-covid economic world for many years. In short, working with a marketing company that has experience in creating SEO strategies for organic growth and managing cost-effective Google Ad campaigns is super important to achieving the best possible return on investment. Getting the right strategy for your senior care agency involves a complete understanding of your business objectives, resident demographics, acquisition targets and present marketing efforts. High Level Marketing has years of experience in helping senior care owners attract new families with marketing services including web designs that convert and great visibility in Google and Bing search. 

Looking for senior home care marketing solutions?

When it comes to senior care marketing strategies you have a lot of options. One thing to consider is email marketing. Email marketing can be directed to the family of current clients in the form of newsletters, helpful tips for maintaining a healthy and productive relationship with an aging parent or even a referral program for friends or family looking for home health care services. Email marketing can also be used to stay top of mind for people who have met with you or inquired about your senior home health care company. Sending out weekly emails reminding them about your services, the importance of living at home longer, and the benefits of hiring skilled nursing is ideal for increasing lead generation. Email marketing is also used for sending out incentives for long-term contracts. Need more digital marketing ideas? Contact High Level Marketing. Our experienced senior care marketers have plenty of digital marketing ideas. Email marketing is just one of the senior home care marketing solutions we offer.

Should we invest in a custom web design from a senior home care marketing company or use a templated product?

The senior care industry is similar to many other competitive markets that are dominated on Google by large listing aggregators. Google has publicly stated on many occasions that authenticity is a huge component of the user experience. Websites designed for the senior care industry include resources for senior care, scheduling, career, and staff pages to help you attract new visitors and compel them to take actions. High Level Marketing is recognized as one of the countries best web design agencies for the senior care industry. HLM has received numerous awards for website design and development and digital marketing services. Our marketing team works with some of the countries most recognized brands to deliver comprehensive marketing services that produce excellent results. 

What marketing services do you recommend to market an home health care company?

The home care industry is extremely competitive. We recommend home care businesses start by building a strong digital foundation that starting with a professional, responsive web design that has an excellent user experience on both desktop and mobile. This will showcase the best services and quality of care your senior home health care company has to offer. Build into that an SEO strategy that includes backlinks, keyword strategy, and relevant content that is educational, empathetic, and persuasive for anyone searching for assisted living facilities. Extend your reach with paid search or PPC, paid social media, social media marketing, blogging, and email, and you have a robust senior marketing digital strategy. Of course, this kind of strategy takes time. Work with High Level Marketing and we'll create a short term and long term senior marketing strategy with marketing services that reach families now and keeps your agency in the forefront for years to come.

How can I attract more Registered Nurses for Private Duty Nursing positions?

Many of our in-home care businesses ask our home care marketing experts for ways to use digital marketing to recruit registered nurses for private duty and skilled nursing positions. Fortunately, our in-house senior care marketing team members can help. We start with dedicated career pages including a page about what it's like to work for you and link to specific pages for private duty and skilled nursing and caregiving positions. As part of your senior home care marketing package, we would recommend including a marketing budget for PPC and social media. The more we can promote the value, flexibility, and advancement opportunities working for your company has, the more traffic we can drive to those dedicated career pages on your senior home care website and the more applications you'll receive.


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HLM has a proven track record in helping independent senior care companies, elderly services companies, home care agencies, dementia and Alzheimer's care services and private duty nursing companies grow revenues through new resident acquisitions. Our award winning website designs are developed to drive conversions and leads. Implementing SEO strategies that achieve top rankings on Google and within Google Maps, helps to attract new clients and stay ahead of the competition. If you are searching for a home care marketing agency to help grow your senior home care agency with digital marketing services, give High Level Marketing a call today!

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