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Roofer Web Design

You get one chance to look established, trustworthy, and credible online. Our responsive Roofing Company Web Designs elevate your brand, engage your visitors and persuade them to take an action.

Roofing services are very transactional; in most cases, a new roof or roof repair is a need vs a want. The goal for your website should be to present your roofing company as experienced, qualified, and trustworthy. People procrastinate roof work because it’s expensive, so when the decision is made to deal with a roofing problem, they want to know the company they choose will get the job done correctly, without a lot of hassle. Because most customers won’t need roofing services very often, building brand loyalty takes a backseat to trying to get customer information quickly on the first visit. A well-designed roofing website will have clear calls to action, a prominent phone number and a short lead form to guide the visitor to contact you for a quote wherever they are in the sales funnel.

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Short Term

Once your new roofing website is launched, you’ll notice an immediate difference in the number of leads you receive. Even if there amount of traffic coming to your website stays the same, converting even a few more of those visitors will have a noticeable impact on your bottom line.


Truth is, your website will likely be the first real interaction a potential customer will have with your brand. So, a new website is where you’ll see the greatest return on your investment. Because so many other marketing channels, both traditional and digital, are directing visitors to your website, improvements here will better support every marketing initiative you’ll be running. As a result, designing a website that focuses on trust and conversions will keep moving people from research mode into tangible, paying roofing customers.

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SEO for Roofing Companies

Visibility for your services is key to growing your business online. Our SEO strategies make sure your company reaches potential customers when, where, and on how they are searching for your service.

Roofing services are the among the highest competitive industries for search engine optimization and digital marketing. There are no more easy opportunities or easy roofer marketing strategies. However, great content and consistent optimization of it is still the key to showing up in search results. SEO marketing success for roofers is based on consumer friendly content, the ability to secure reputable citations, and trustworthy contextual backlinks. If you’re marketing for a specific city as a trusted roofer, you need to have a physical address in that city or you will not be able to land first page rankings in the map pack for this highly competitive service. We’ll make sure that your Google map listing is fully optimized and make sure your business name, location, and phone number are consistent across multiple business listing resources.

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Long Term

Increasing the value of your website for organic leads will pay off big in the long run, because the cost per organic roofing lead can be minimal compared to the revenue received for each roofing job. But you don’t have to wait long to see value in SEO. If your site is at least 2 years old, there is a great opportunity for short term results by optimizing your website’s content and classifying your local listings correctly.


As your traffic from Google, Bing, and Yahoo increases so will your leads. Because you’re not paying per click or lead, as your cost to manage your SEO stays the same and your leads increase, the cost per lead goes down. As you take over the top positions in local markets for roofing, SEO will become your lowest cost per lead source.

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Roofer Advertising Programs with Pay Per Click Google Ads

Fast-track your roofing business to the top of search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo with display ads, PPC, and remarketing. We maximize your ad spend by following the data and adjusting the ad content to get you more qualified leads at the lowest cost per click.

Paid Search (also known as PPC) can be a smart move for roofers. Paid Search will get you to the top of search results, above organic search engine results and the map pack, almost immediately. You can target specific demographics, cities (even if you’re not located in that city), times of day, days of the week, and more. You can even turn it on and off depending on the season and the needs of your business. The cost per click in all industries is always on the rise, which makes professional management that much more important. When taking over an existing roofing PPC account, HLM has observed that, on average, 70% of the budget is being wasted on clicks that lead nowhere. Our proprietary software allows us to make sure your entire budget is used wisely to generate more leads. Plus, we’re all about transparency. With our Performance Dashboard, you’ll be able to see where your leads are coming from, so you know exactly what channels are working best to generate leads.

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Short Term

Nothing generates new leads for any business, as fast as Paid Search. If you need leads now, you need Paid Search. With our proven Paid Search strategies for roofers, you can be confident you're getting qualified roofing leads at the lowest cost possible.


Leads from Paid Search will be more expensive than other channels because the competition is so high and the bid prices from competitors are always on the rise. However, with the right management strategy, you can still expect a good ROI.

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Increase Your Roofing Company's Google Reviews

Building trust online starts with actual customer reviews. Our Review Management package makes it easy to ask your customers for a review and provides one platform to manage your reviews across multiple sites.

Simply put, your online reputation affects nearly every channel of your digital marketing. Everywhere you look, you’ll see reviews on Google, Yelp, and numerous other places online. When looking for a roofer, trust is one of the biggest factors for consumers. A roof is a major investment, and potential customers want the confidence of knowing you’re going to treat them well, charge them fairly, and do a great job. Reviews on third-party sites like Google, Yelp and Angie’s List are some of the best ways to let roofing customers know they can trust you. Having a few bad reviews is ok, and when you do enough business, it’s likely. We all know there are people out there who are never satisfied and like to complain. However, it’s critical that you respond to them and demonstrate to everyone else that you’re willing to do what it takes to make the situation right. Potential customers don’t expect perfection, but they do expect honesty, authenticity, and your willingness to stand behind your work. Growing your reviews with HLM ensures your happy customers promote their experiences so new customers have the highest trust in your business.   

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Long Term

86% of people will hesitate to purchase from a business that has negative reviews. Having just one to three bad reviews with no response is enough to deter 67% of prospects from purchasing a product or service from you completely. As a result, making an effort to respond to any negative reviews and continuing to attract positive reviews will set your business apart.

At the same time, reviews now make up 10% of how Google and other search engines decide to rank your site in relevant search results. Because reviews are becoming an even more important part of their ranking algorithm, it’s critical for both your short and long-term success that you continue to get positive reviews. Every roofer should have a minimum of ten great reviews on Google to even be in consideration for ranking well.


The reality is that everyone can say they’re great on their website, so the best tactic for attracting new roofing customers is sharing actual, authentic, real reviews on trusted review sites like Google, Yelp and Angie’s List. More often than not, a potential customer will reach out to a roofer with the best reviews first. With our technology and only 15 minutes a day, your office admin can be the difference in attracting several new roofing leads, or sending those potential new leads to your competitors.

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Roofing Facebook Ad Strategies

Get instant visibility on Facebook with our paid social media marketing strategy for your roofing company. If you have an established network of followers or a service or product that people are talking about, Facebook Ads and boosted posts can put your message in front of the right audience.

Achieving success with a paid social media ad campaign on Facebook depends on what specifically you’re promoting. If your prospects are in research mode, then they’re likely looking for pictures to view as examples of your work or comments from other customers as an indicator of your level of competency and trustworthiness. However, in the event your prospects need immediate help, they’re less likely to come across your business while browsing Facebook. In this scenario they’re more likely to do a quick search on Google. For individuals needing emergency roof repair, a compelling Facebook Ad will produce better results.

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Long Term

Like Paid Search, new leads can be generated very quickly from Facebook using Facebook Ads and a paid social media campaign strategy. However, your business needs to have a good reputation in place and engaged customers on social platforms for your campaigns to reach their full potential. If you don’t currently have a good reputation, we’d recommend investing in review management to build up your reputation first.


Because Facebook Ads and remarketing campaigns are still relatively new, paid campaigns on Facebook can be run at a lower cost per lead than Paid Search. Success of this program will depend on your company’s existing reputation on social media platforms and your customer engagement.

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Roofer Social Media Management

Be top of mind when someone needs your service. Our Roofing Social Media Management keeps your company active on the sites where sharing experiences, recommending local businesses, and sharing information is welcomed.

Because most roofing services are rarely needed more than once in a person’s life, building brand loyalty is not a primary concern for most roofer. However, Google is placing much more prominence on social signals as an indicator of trust. The more trusted your website is online, the higher it will rank. Only a basic Social Media Marketing plan in very highly roofing competitive markets is needed for most roofers to maximize the effect of social signals with Google. Our primary recommendation is for each roofer to maintain a professional LinkedIn and/or Facebook profile and connect with your network so your company is top of mind when they need professional roofing services. Knowing prospects spend more time looking for tips and insights on things they can do themselves, like preventative maintenance, social media is a good place to help drive more traffic to your roofing website by posting content with links back to blogs or informational content. 

Roofer Digital Marketing, Website Tips & Guide to Get More Leads & Customers Online - social-media-roofers

Long Term

Much like Paid Social marketing, Social Media Management is primarily a brand building play. Networking through LinkedIn and Facebook will help ensure you’re top of mind when people need your services, and can be a fruitful long term tactic to attract new customers.


For roofers, the ROI on social media depends on what information you’re sharing and how much it benefits your target market. Again, most people requiring a roof repair or a new roof will search for options directly through the search engines. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t visit LinkedIn or Facebook to get a feel for your level of professionalism and expertise as they narrow down the list of roofers they intend to call. Point being, while you’re not likely to see a ton of referrals coming in via your social media channels, it can still be worth your downtime to build your network.

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Roofer Marketing Ideas and Roofer Marketing Strategy FAQs

How should my roofing company's marketing strategy be designed?

The best roofer marketing strategy starts with a great website foundation and uses search engine optimization and paid advertising campaigns to generate more traffic to your website for potential roofing customers. These three key roofing marketing strategy items are recommended to make up the majority of your digital marketing strategy. Not all hvac marketing strategies are equal and can vary depending on your customer market. If you're a roofer who specializes in metal roofing or other specialty roofing options, we can include those services as part of your advertising strategy.

Are all roofing marketing strategies the same?

Most roofing marketing strategies will focus on new customer leads. However, because of the current shortage in roofing installers, many of our roofing marketing strategies will also focus on helping you build your team members to perform the repairs and new roof installations. Your individual roofing marketing strategy can be designed specifically to meet the needs of your company and we individually meet with each client to determine what your objectives are.

Pay Per Click, PPC Ads, and Paid Advertising - what's the difference?

When it comes to Google Ads, Pay Per Click, PPC Ads, and Paid Advertising all mean the same thing. PPC is the short version of Pay Per Click and represents a roofer advertising campaign where you pay each time someone clicks on one of your ads. The benefit is that you can quickly have your roofing company at the top of Google search results without waiting for your organic SEO optimization to take effect.

What is SEO?

Most basically, it's the optimization tasks that go into getting you to rank well in search engines like Google. And there's a big difference between "optimization" and "optimized". SEO is like working out. Not all workout programs are right for everyone and largely depend on your fitness goals. If you service customers locally, HLM will approach optimizing you with local listings much differently than if you're a roofing marketing company with nationwide services. And like working out, it's not something you do once or only for a few weeks, it's something you stick with to get the best results and for the long term health of your company.

Why do we need search engine optimization for digital marketing?

Search engines like Google and Bing know that customers will only use their search engines if they get quality results. Google's job is then to find the companies it feels are of the most quality. A great SEO company, like HLM, is your digital spokesperson using various tactics to communicate with search engines like Google all the things that make you a great company to recommend to customers.

How do I choose the best Roofer Marketing Company to get more roofing leads?

Like any decision, you're placing a lot of trust in experts in an industry you may or may not have a lot of familiarity with. When it comes to evaluating trust, we recommend looking for signals like reviews from customers and diversity of digital marketing experience in the roofing industry. Does the roofing marketing company I'm considering do a great job for customers? Is the SEO company I'm considering capable of understanding my industry in my market? The key to a great performing SEO campaign is identifying and optimizing for what your customers are most searching for. We recommend choosing the web design you connect with most. Every HLM project starts with a kickoff where our expert team brings their industry experience and gets to learn about what's unique about your company and customers. This is the first step in maximizing your SEO campaign's performance.

Which is better SEO or PPC?

Both. Wait, what? Both. SEO is great for the long term health of your heating and cooling business to protect your online reputation and ensure your building an asset (your website) which can consistently attract customers and produce new sales opportunities. PPC is great when you need leads now. If you're in a market with well established competitors which might take several months to out rank through SEO, PPC can get you in position quickly to get more sales opportunities as fast as possible. PPC does cost more than SEO due to the competitive bidding of advertisers, which is why most companies choose to have both strategies in motion at the same time to get leads now while growing their company for the future.

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