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You have marketing and growth goals and we're the web deign agency that can get you there. High Level Marketing has built and managed more than 2,000 websites over the past 10 years. Our proven track record for helping clients achieve success through proven internet marketing strategies is proof our web designers, SEO, and digital marketing strategy teams know what they're doing. But, when it comes to building a strong online presence, there's nothing more important than starting with a website that's designed to convert, is lightning-fast, and ranks prominently on Google. 
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Our custom websites convert more visitors into customers.

The success of your new web design will depend on its ability to rank on Google and convert new visitors to phone calls, form fills, or online sales. Team members at the High Level Marketing web design agency in Houston, TX are web design experts that put user experience first, improving the likelihood a new website visitor will convert into a qualified lead.

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Lightning-fast websites from experienced web developers.

Did you know the speed of your website enhances the visitor's browsing experience and makes a big impact on its ability to rank on Google? At HLM, we build incredibly fast client websites that meets the needs of both Google and your website visitors.

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<strong>Over 50%</strong> first year growth!
Over 50% first year growth!

Mastercraft Heating & Cooling

<strong>1,250% increase</strong> in new leads!
1,250% increase in new leads!

Skin Wellness Dermatology

<strong>Over 40%</strong> first year growth!
Over 40% first year growth!

Heaney Plumbing & Heating

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How much will a new website cost?

Your website investment will vary based on the number of pages, design and integration complexity, and the amount of content needed. We'll schedule a Discovery meeting with you to have a thorough discussion about your website needs, and will then provide an exact quote for your project. Here are a few pricing options:

  • Up to a 15 page website - Web Design and Web Development Services Included - $4,995 
  • Up to a 22 page website - Web Design and Web Development Services Included - $6,995 
  • Up to a 32 page website - Web Design and Web Development Services Included - $9,695
  • Custom - We can custom quote web design projects that are larger in size and more complex in nature. 

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What is included in HLM's web design services?

We first learn about your primary goals and objectives, and based on this we'll deliver a detailed Scope of Work that includes features, sitemap, web design elements, timing, and pricing. There are features that come standard with all web designs including; conversion-friendly web design, lightning-fast, mobile-responsive, easy to update, 60 minute training session, SSL certificate, and 5-Star service by leading web designers and project managers.

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Does High Level Marketing have a web design process?

Absolutely! Having a clearly defined process for developing and deploying your website is critical. You're busy and the last thing you need to worry about is having to manage the process of building a website. Our team will do the heavy lifting and deliver an incredible website for your business in 60-90 days.

  • 60 Minute Discovery Meeting
  • Scope of Work Review
  • Scope of Work Acceptance
  • Internal Kick-Off-Call
  • Client Kick-Off-Call
  • Web Design and Web Development
  • Client Review
  • Web Design and Web Build Revisions
  • Client Approval
  • Website Launch

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Which CMS platforms do you work on?

CMS stands for Content Management System, and is a platform for managing the creation and modification of digital content. In other words, it's the platform used to build your website. We have two CMS platforms we use for building, managing, and supporting your website.

  • MYCE® - This is High Level Marketing's proprietary CMS and is a fantastic website solution when you want blazing website speed. MYCE gives you the best chance of ranking prominently on Google and delivers a great user-experience.
  • Wordpress - Wordpress is the most commonly used open-source platform for building websites and it has many out-of-the-box features. Our team of developers are skilled at building and supporting Wordpress websites.

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Is it easy for me to make updates to my new website?

It's easy to make simple updates to your website. Whether we build a MYCE® or Wordpress website we'll give you the tools and training to support basic changes throughout your website. These basic updates could include updating images, website text, bios, blogs, and more. 

For clients who want HLM to keep their website updated, we have a support desk always ready to help! Boasting exceptional customer service, our website support desk is speedy, efficient, and can assist with requests (simple and complex) you may have.

Will my new website show up on Google?

Google has hundreds of ranking factors that determine who they recommend to its users. A lightning fast web design that scales to mobile devices and efficient UX are just a couple of them. It also takes well written, original, relevant content and a team of SEO experts optimizing your website. High Level Marketing is skilled at supporting healthy SEO efforts on your website and we have 10+ years of delivering search engine rankings for our clients. Here are some of our SEO offerings:

  • Footprint Foundation: $325/mth - Perfect for companies looking to build a strong foundation and show up on Google
  • Performance SEO Silver: $595/mth - Great for companies wanting to start ranking for a specific service line on Google 
  • Performance SEO Gold: $995/mth - Great for companies wanting to rank for a couple of primary service lines on Google
  • Performance SEO Platinum: $1,495 - This is for companies that have up to 4 core services with a couple of physical locations who desire to rank on Google for all services in each local market.
  • Performance SEO Diamond: $2,195 - Perfect for companies how want to aggressively grow their rankings in up to 4 locations and 7 services.
  • Custom: Do you have a business with many locations and/or many services and you want to aggressively improve your rankings? We can develop a Custom SEO plan to help you achieve your goals.

Do you have a Houston, TX office and how can I get in touch?

Yes, we have a Texas web design and SEO company office. Here's our address and phone number.

Mobile friendly web design vs responsive web design; what's the difference?

When it comes to internet marketing and page ranking with search engines, your website needs to be mobile friendly, meaning it looks good on a mobile device (cell phone or tablet.) A responsive web design is one that scales up and down to display the page content in the best way possible for each screen size; mobile device, tablet, desktop, and larger. High Level Marketing provides website development services that not only ensure your web design looks amazing on any device, but it meets (and in many cases exceeds) Google's page speed requirements.

Should I hire a local web design company or independent web contractor?

Of course, as a top recommended web design company in Houston, TX, we are going to recommend choosing a professional, local web design company. But there's good reason for it. Working with a local web design company like High Level Marketing in Houston, TX means having an entire team of web design, SEO, and digital marketing experts at your fingertips. Oftentimes independent web contractors only do one thing, web design. They usually use a platform and are limited by the platform widgets and capabilities. If you asked our clients why they chose High Level Marketing in Houston, TX as their web design company, they would likely say our portfolio of amazing web designs brought them in but our hundreds of excellent reviews on Google closed the deal. If you asked them why they stay with High Level Marketing year after year, we have to believe they'd say we are the first web design company that delivered on its promises.

What's the best marketing strategy for online marketing?

The best marketing strategy for online marketing uses a combination of digital marketing strategies in a variety of online marketing channels. For example if you are hiring a Houston based web design company like High Level Marketing in Houston, TX, you'll want to include our web hosting and professional web services such as social media marketing, SEO / search engine optimization services, graphic design, web development, paid search/PPC, and content marketing, to name a few. We have a full in-house marketing department that can provide a custom digital marketing strategy that will build your brand online and get you more leads.

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