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Are you looking to work with a local SEO company in Houston who can take your business to the next level? High Level Marketing, the leading local SEO Company has helped thousands of Houston companies improve their web presence, climb Google rankings, and achieve amazing revenue growth objectives. Ranking on the top of page 1 of Google isn't a dream, it's an achievable goal when you work with High Level Marketing - a top Houston SEO Company. Let us be your competitive advantage!

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Ranking above your competitors on search engines isn't easy. That's why hiring an expert local SEO company with over 10 years of experience is necessary. The experienced SEO team at High Level Marketing will develop a marketing strategy and execute a plan just as we've done for thousands of local companies. Houston is a large market with increasing competition...having the right SEO partner could be the difference in securing that new customer or failing to reach one. When you choose High Level Marketing as your Houston SEO Agency we'll get you the visibility, traffic, and conversions you need for steady growth year after year.

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Showing up in the map section on Google for local business searches is a fantastic way to highlight your Google reviews, gain more impressions on Google, and generate more inbound leads. The challenge is that gaining positions in the map section can be difficult when you operate in a competitive market like ours. With High Level Marketing, a top local SEO company managing your search engine optimization, you can rest assured knowing you'll have Houston SEO experts using tried and true methods for helping you improve your map listing rankings.

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<strong>Over 50%</strong> first year growth!
Over 50% first year growth!

Mastercraft Heating & Cooling

<strong>Over 40%</strong> first year growth!
Over 40% first year growth!

Heaney Plumbing & Heating

<strong>Over 60%</strong> first year growth!
Over 60% first year growth!

Alien Air Conditioning & Heating

High Level Marketing - A Top Houston SEO Company
Answers Frequently Asked SEO Questions

Why isn't my website ranking on Google?

There are an assortment of reasons that contribute to a website not ranking on Google. We can better assess this with a free full website and SEO analysis. Here are the main contributors to your website not ranking with search engines.

  • Your website is slow - a lightning-fast website enhances the user experience and is rewarded by Google.
  • You don't have enough content on your website - the right mix of content that meets Google's best practice will help your site's ability to rank.
  • You don't have relevant content on your website - maybe you have a large volume of content but the content isn't relevant for the keywords you desire to rank for.
  • You have poor page titles and meta descriptions - page titles help Google understand what your web pages are about and meta descriptions improve your click through rates on Google. Both major contributors to ranking high on search engine results pages.
  • You have poor website architecture - in essence, structuring your website page hierarchy can be a contributor to Google rankings.
  • Your header tags aren't set-up correctly - header tags help Google better understand your webpage content.
  • You have a lack of quality backlinks to your website from other websites.
  • You don't have many online citations or your citations are inconsistent.
  • You haven't claimed or optimized your Google My Business page.

When it comes to search engine ranking, you'll need a reputable SEO and Web Design Company in Houston.

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How much does SEO cost?

Investing in search engine optimization is the first step to improving your search engine rankings and gaining more inbound leads. As an experienced Houston SEO Agency, we offer SEO plans to fit any budget. We'll first conduct a Discovery with you, then analyze your current company's web presence, and finally provide a detailed SEO strategy. Here are the SEO plans we have to offer:

  • Footprint Foundation: $325/mth - Great for businesses just getting started with search engine optimization who need foundational support
  • Performance SEO Silver: $595/mth - Great for businesses who have a primary service in a local market
  • Performance SEO Gold: $995 - Great for businesses who have two primary services in a single local market
  • Performance SEO Platinum: $1,445/mth - Great for businesses who have up to 4 primary services covering up to 2 local markets
  • Performance SEO Diamond: $2,195/mth - Great for businesses who have up to 7 primary services covering up to 4 local markets

How long does it take to see results from High Level's SEO services in Houston?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a service that requires a longer engagement to yield results. Most of our customers can start seeing better organic traffic numbers between month 6-9, and over time with continued efforts, organic traffic and inbound lead flow typically continues increasing. It's important to note that your competitors are likely investing with a Houston SEO Agency. As one of the top Houston SEO companies we'll develop SEO campaigns to keep you from falling further behind the competition.

What does it take to improve my Google search engine rankings? 

There are many elements required to rank prominently on Google. Good thing High Level Marketing is a highly recommended SEO Agency in Houston. We have the experience to help you get there. To help you achieve high rankings on search engine results pages, our SEO campaigns include:

  • Google My Business listing that's optimized
  • Robust online citations that are consistent
  • Solid backlink profile with many websites linking to yours
  • Lightning-Fast website speed
  • The correct amount of text content on your website
  • Relevant content on your website
  • Foundationally sound website with page titles, meta descriptions, and header tags
  • Schema markup installed on the web pages

Does High Level Marketing have a Houston, TX office?

We have a Houston, TX office and we'd love to see you. Here is our Texas web Design and SEO company office location and phone number:

(832) 986-8007

Where can I read reviews for High Level Marketing?

High Level Marketing has hundreds of 5-star reviews from real clients on credible sites. Here are a few:

Is social media marketing part of High Level Marketing's Houston SEO services? 

For many Houston businesses partnering with High Level Marketing, social media is included as part of their complete digital marketing foundation. While not typically considered a component of our Houston SEO services, we do offer social media marketing. Social media marketing is one ranking factor of many in Google's vast and ever-changing algorithms and can be an excellent way to stay in front of potential customers.

Is SEO the only way to rank high on search engines? 

Ranking high with search engines takes a combination of the right tools, the right SEO team, and the right content on your pages. But the fastest way to rank high with search engines is to implement a paid search strategy.

Why choose HLM for my Houston SEO Company? 

We get that question a lot and if you're shopping for a Houston SEO company we're guessing the SEO companies you've tried before haven't lived up to their promises. We're different. We're probably the only SEO agency in Houston that will have an honest conversation about what to realistically expect from your digital marketing budget. And we're transparent. We start with a through keyword research and market analysis. You'll know what you need to spend to dominate page one now or work your way up to it. As the leading local SEO company in Houston, we know how competitive Houston markets are and the importance of nailing down a local SEO strategy including backlinks, GMB optimization, keyword strategy, original and relevant content writing, and continuous competitor monitoring. If you're tired of your current big box or local SEO company give us a call. We are not the cheapest SEO company but we are the best SEO company to work with in Houston. 

How does SEO help me get more leads? 

The key to getting more leads is getting more traffic. A decent SEO company can usually perform textbook SEO tasks like create basic content with keywords, update meta tags and meta descriptions, put some pictures up on your GMB listing, and they'll talk a lot about "impressions" and "visibility" and "traffic." Here's where High Level Marketing's team is different. We are a proactive SEO company. We don't set it and forget it. We quantify results and measure our SEO success with "conversions" and the increase in quality leads month over month. We provide you with monthly reporting that's easy to understand so you'll know your ROI and the impact your dedicated team has on your bottom line. In other words, we are not just another Houston SEO company. We are your true digital marketing partner with SEO experts, world class website designers and web developers, experienced content strategists, and a bunch of other marketing experts that are dedicated to your online success.

What industries does HLM do SEO for?

High Level Marketing has dedicated SEO experts in just about every industry. We are recognized for getting our clients to the top of Google search results pages and in many cases, dominating page one.

  • SEO Company for Healthcare Providers in Houston
  • SEO Company for HVAC Companies in Houston
  • SEO Company for Doctors in Houston
  • SEO Company for Apartments in Houston
  • SEO Company for Senior Housing Facilities in Houston
  • SEO Company for Senior Care Companies in Houston
  • SEO Company for Home Service Companies in Houston
  • SEO Company for Dentists in Houston
  • SEO Company for Pest Control Companies in Houston

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