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How to Avoid Having Your Google My Business (GMB) Listing Suspended
Since 2016, High level Marketing has been evangelizing the use of Google My Business to support...
The Big Google Mobile First Update is almost here, and to be clear, it’s something to fear
Google has given businesses until April 1, 2021 (no fooling) to have a mobile friendly website, or else. Or else what? Or else if...
Google Announces Upgraded Google My Business Profiles in the Future
Google is starting to offer Google Guaranteed certification for a monthly fee, outside of Local...
Core Web Vitals and the UX Revolution to Come in 2021
Google has been moving beyond simple keywords as a ranking factor for about a decade; even before...
Google Confirms May 2020 Algorithm Update is Rolling Out Now
Google’s Danny Sullivan has confirmed that a core algorithm update is rolling out today – officially known as the “May 2020 Core Update.”
Video: Search Engines and SEO Panelists Agree Algorithm Updates Should Continue During COVID-19
While it’s not business as usual, search engines need to continue to help users, provide vital resources and fight against misinformation. A recent group of SEOs echoed Google And Bing on the subject of algorithm updates.
State, Federal Grants and Loans Available during the Coronavirus Crisis
The MEDC announced the Michigan Small Business Relief Program to fund $20 Million to Support businesses impacted by COVID-19. This includes free grants and special loans. Learn more about state and federal assistance available for businesses impacted by Coronavirus.
Google Adds New Features for Businesses Affected by COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Google has recently updated help documentation to allow businesses that may have been affected by COVID-19 to provide details about their business.
New Local Search Result Format Tested in Europe
Branded directory buttons are being displayed above the map. In April 2019, Google was experimenting with a new local SERP that highlighted alternative directory sources. This could have implications for the US in the future.
Zero Click Searches: How Google Curates Content without Driving Traffic to Websites
If you’ve searched on Google and had your question answered without having to click through to a website, you’re already familiar with zero click searches. Google shifted how it drives website traffic on its search engine results page (SERP). Due to this, your business may have noticed a decline in conversions.
Fix Your Old, Dusty Adaptive Site! Google Updated its Mobile-First Indexing
New guidance has been added in numerous areas, including crawling, structured data, visual content and best practices. Old adaptive sites that have different versions or URLs for desktop and mobile devices will start seeing reduced traffic.
Today on “Google is Not Your Friend:” Google Drops Phone Support for Google My Business
We’re kicking off a new series that we hope has as few posts as possible: Google is Not Your Friend. Today we review Google's recent announcement that users no longer have a toll-free support number to call the Google My Business support team.
Should You Promote Your Business on Your Personal Facebook Page?
Many business owners make the mistake of running their business Facebook page the same way they do...

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