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Should You Promote Your Business on Your Personal Facebook Page?
Many business owners make the mistake of running their business Facebook page the same way they do...
AdiĆ³s, Google Website Translator Widget
Google is no longer granting new access to Google Translate's Website Translator
Anatomy of an Ideal About Page
It's Time to Get Real with Your About Page You love your website and it’s...
How Do I Get My Website to Rank Higher with Search Engines?
Understanding Google's E-A-T metric will help you rank higher in search results.
Bye, Bye, Google+
By now, you may have heard Google’s decision to discontinue Google+. Google+ was launched...
Partners in Data: A Different Kind of Team
High Level Marketing is more than an SEO company. We are your digital marketing partner...
How UX is Evolving and Why It Matters to Your Business
By: Chris Ditty, Creative Director Looking back over the history of how we (High Level...
The Increasing Importance of Customer Reviews
As a business owner (or the point person responsible for managing your company’s marketing...
Google PageSpeed Optimization
Google PageSpeed Insights reports on the real-world performance of a page for mobile and desktop...
Alexa, Where's My Business?
Amazon sold over 20 million Alexa’s in 2017, and by 2019, the voice recognition market will...
Digital Assistants and the Rise of Voice Search
There’s no doubt that digital assistants have arrived and are here to stay. Voice searches...
Topic Clusters = The Future of SEO
As trends continue to move towards mobile, search engines have changed to accommodate search terms...

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