More than 100 million Americans tune in to watch the Super Bowl every year. People actually look forward to Super Bowl commercials, a rarity in the days of skippable ads. The live broadcast presents marketers with a golden opportunity to reach a huge amount of consumers – making it possible for the network to charge $5.2 million to run a 30-second spot during last year’s game.

Just in the last decade, the cost of Super Bowl advertising has nearly doubled. Which means advertisers are paying nearly twice as much for an ad today as they did in 2008.

Google and Facebook advertising costs have been on the rise too - why?

Supply and demand. There’s more demand today for the same amount of advertising spots. This means that advertisers have fewer opportunities to connect to consumers and websites offering ad impressions have 

Would You Spend $5 Million for Thirty Seconds? - Small Business Design, SEO, and Marketing Blog | High Level Marketing  - supplydemand

less inventory to sell. As the available supply decreases, the price to advertise on these platforms has been increasing. This means the most effective ads are getting the most clicks.

In addition, consolidation of advertising networks into fewer players, an increase in competition for available inventory and an increase in the use of ad blockers (up to 18% of all US consumers use some form of ad blocking technology) also contribute to increased digital costs.

We’re in this together

Despite the rising costs of digital advertising, HLM continues to provide unparalleled digital marketing strategies while keeping costs as low as possible for our clients.

How does HLM combat the rising costs of digital advertising?

Would You Spend $5 Million for Thirty Seconds? - Small Business Design, SEO, and Marketing Blog | High Level Marketing  - sitestart

1. We perfect your prospect’s landing experience

Since your competitors are competing for the same exact keywords, we make sure clicks lead to a relevant and compelling destination landing page.

2. We leverage extensions

Maximizing all possible Google Adword extensions allows us to take up more real estate, allowing your business to stand out and get clicked on.

3. We monitor your progress

Scrutinizing your search query reports to identify which keyword variations are working and which aren’t provides opportunities to make adjustments and increase your visibility.

Digital is changing at a breakneck pace, and none of it is straightforward. Fortunately, HLM has experts observing the trends and responding with nimble, calculated moves to keep our clients ahead of the curve.

We understand the small business journey, and developing long-term partnerships is the cornerstone of what HLM stands for. So we will always evolve our business model to provide the best value to our clients.

Establishing a strong web presence is key

We’re the team who will dive in, analyze your site’s strengths and weaknesses and help you build an affordable yet game-changing plan for improved performance, ranking and conversions through a completely optimized website, PPC campaign and long-term SEO monitoring solution.

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