website without content is like car without engineThink of your website as a car.

It's the frame, the doors, the windows, the paint, and the details.  It's what you see when you happen upon it.

But what good is that car without an engine?

No good, actually. Sure it'll still be pretty to look at, and it'll appear like it's a car.  However, without an engine the car will take you no where.

Online, the content on your website is your car's engine. A fine-tuned, well-oiled engine is going to take your business to all the places it wants to go online. But how do you create the right kind of high-quality content that gets results for your business? Let's discuss.

Disruptive Marketing No More

In today's online marketing world, the focus is consistently on content creation and the marketing of that content. People generally no longer pay attention to pop-up ads or banners on websites. In fact, in a recent study, online banner and media ads only say a 0.10% click-through rate (CTR).

What people are paying attention to are articles that they find helpful and/or interesting. Google has become the go-to for answer any and all questions we have.  And when we aren’t seeking out answers to our questions, we’re being inundated with content via social media. One quick look on Facebook will show countless people sharing articles they have enjoyed.

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The simple fact is that you can no longer rely on interruptive online marketing; today it’s about creating and publishing targeted, helpful content.  It is the best way for people to get to your website simply by providing them with content they find relevant and interesting.

Ways To Create & Implement Content

Content marketing is a broad term and there are many ways to incorporate it into things you may  already be doing. You can also connect one piece of content with several communication channels to your audience.

Some of the most common ways to implement content marketing are as follows:

  • Maintaining a company blog

  • Incorporating targeted search-engine friendly content on your website

  • Distributing your website content on your social media pages

  • Maintaining a company newsletter that’s pushed out via email marketing

  • Recording and publishing helpful videos on Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

The best way to start creating content is to think about the most common questions you get about your business and your products/services.  Once you have a list of frequently asked questions, simply answer each one at length (~400 words).  You’ve just created a whole bunch of blog posts that you can publish on your website.  It really can be that simple.  

Website Design Without Content

When it comes to website design, here’s the truth: your website is nothing without rich, target content.  We can build you the most beautiful, responsive website that just wows every person that sees it.  But that’s the catch: nobody will find your website if you’re lacking quality content.  That’s why, as a website design service company, we offer ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) services.  We work to optimize your entire site with the content you need to get found via search  by your target audience.

When your small business’s website is beautiful designed for converting visitors into leads and/or sales, and you then power the entire site with targeted content that’s updated frequently, you’re increasing the likelihood that your online presence becomes a key factor in the growth of your company!