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Why You Should Hire an Agency to Handle Your SEO

As a local business owner, whether you're a contractor, doctor, or professional, you probably find yourself splitting time between serving customers, running your business, and marketing it. 

And as the preferred marketing company for local small businesses nationwide, we know search engine optimization can be one of your biggest challenges. You know you need an updated, fast, fully-optimized website and local SEO strategy to rank online and grow your business, but you just can't find the time to learn it, do it, or hire the right person for it. 

Let us take SEO off your plate!


Whether you’re starting a new business or you need to get better results online, if you're searching for things you can do to get more customers online, you know in your gut it's time to invest in search engine optimization

Here are 5 stats that will fire you up about investing in an updated, SEO-optimized website with a full-service marketing agency: 

The big takeaways

  1. SEO should guide everything you do online, from website updates to PPC to social media posts. 
  2. Partnering with an SEO Agency that is a Google Partner and experienced in local SEO is a smart business investment with exceptional and long-lasting returns.


Start with a Fully-Optimized Website

If you're like most of our new clients, you probably have a decent website. It probably has some keyword optimization, but it's outdated, underperforming, and in need of professional intervention.

But even if you like your website, if it is more than a year old or you aren't working with a digital agency that keeps up with Google updates, then you probably aren't getting the visibility, ranking, or results you need to be in front of the right customers at the right time.

And there's a good reason for it. Google changed the rules - again. 

Every year there are thousands of algorithm updates, each one bringing Google closer to understanding the user's intent based on the user's search query. Two of the most impactful Google algorithm updates have been BERT (2019) which uses AI to understand search intent, and MUM (2021) which is capable of understanding the nuance of linguistics and speech. 

For the searcher, it means better, more relevant search results more tailored to how they consume digital content. For SEO experts, it means totally changing the way we approach content planning and development and where we focus our optimization efforts.

What is SEO and How Can it Help My Business?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a strategy put in place to improve your search engine rankings, get you visibility in the Google Maps Pack, drive qualified traffic to your website, and convert visitors into leads.  

For instance, when someone searches ‘Dentist Near Me’

The businesses that show up on the first page are a result of SEO (the organic listings, not paid. For that, check out our article on PPC vs. SEO)

On-Page and Off-Page Optimization is the Key to Page Ranking


growth chart of seo


On-Page SEO

The structure (navigation, page UX, linking strategy) and the page content (home page, service pages, case studies, blogs, videos, etc) are all parts of on-page SEO that all work together to create the user experience and also send trust, relevance, and authority signals to Google and other search engines.

Off-Page SEO

When complemented with off-page SEO (backlinks, social media, guest blogging, etc) you build a powerful foundation for all of your marketing efforts and one that will your business headed in the right direction- at the top of search results.

But Content is Still King

Writing SEO-friendly content isn’t easy. It takes practice, and understanding your customers, your market competition, and Google's natural language API, PLUS a lot of patience waiting for the work to take hold. 

For most small business owners, creating an optimized website is a big ask. Obviously, you are the best person to talk about your business, your services, and why you should be the obvious choice for a customer. Partnering with a team that can shape your words into content that is relevant to customers and ranks well with search engines is a science, a skill, and an art form.

For search engines to deliver our websites up in search results, we take our content strategies beyond keyword planning, meta tags, and word counts. In addition to perfectly optimized page content, our copywriters and SEO experts are also your subject matter experts, creating content that is relevant to your customers. meeting their needs with videos, graphics, and blogs.

If you want to compete in today's online market, be relevant to your customers, and show up where and when they are searching for your services, it's time to up your internet game with a new, updated, fully optimized website.

Let Us Help You Compete Online and Win!

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