If you’re running all of your company’s marketing efforts - you know that time is your most valuable commodity. In today’s day and age, the world of marketing is rapidly shifting from analogue to digital.  With that being said, small businesses have recognized this in their marketing strategies and have adapted to this shifting trend - with PPC being one of the most popular strategies.

There are many facets of a successful PPC campaign that can include keyword research, landing pages, bid management, etc. If you’re managing your own PPC, you need to continuously monitor and track your customers response rate and measure the success of your marketing campaigns in real time, which can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating.

Ask yourself this; is your marketing taking too much time to manage in-house?

If you answered “yes”, then consider handing your efforts over to the professionals.  

Business owners struggle with the thought of whether or not they should shift over their marketing to a 3rd party. Lets face it, whether you have a staff of 10 or 1,000, handing over your marketing efforts frees up time across your whole business, especially with PPC.

Reality is, PPC is a huge time investment, and get can get complicated with all the different forms of advertising options that an in-house employee may not have the experience for. The amount of work required to properly research and optimize a campaign is underestimated and ongoing management is essential – the massive depth of knowledge required to effectively manage the paid ad space in the PPC environment is no joke.

Hiring professionals manage your PPC not only will free up your time, but they will be able to use economies of scale and tools you’re unaware of that will maximize your ROI. You’ll most likely choose a company that has declared PPC as their discipline, leaving you with the comfort that your campaigns are in the hands of a highly trained expert, something your business probably lacks.

When you hire a company to manage your PPC campaigns, you’re not just saving time - you’re saving money. If the cost of keeping a team or employee monitoring your campaigns exceeds the cost of letting the professionals take care of it, then the question of whether or not to make the switch is a no brainer.

Ready to hand your PPC over? Contact us today to see how we can customize a PPC plan to save you time, money, and drive quality traffic to your business website.