Why Should I Hire HLM for HVAC Digital Marketing?

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Is DIY Digital Marketing Fact or Fiction?

The bigger question is does it make sense for an HVAC company owner to DIY his or her digital marketing, hire an employee to do it, or partner with a professional digital marketing company? The answer is, it depends on how much time you have and how effective you need your strategy to be. The real value of hiring a metro-Detroit digital marketing company like HLM is experience and access.

Watch our interview with Don Marks, HLM Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist and Jon Bowerman, HLM CTO and Co-Founder, already in progress:

Digital marketing has evolved so much in the last 10 years. And especially in the last couple of years, the competition for HVAC companies has gotten fierce. It’s become easier to start your own HVAC business and owners today grew up with the internet. They understand that Google is a top channel for growing your business. That means more small businesses investing in SEO and digital marketing and specifically HVAC companies investing in at least some basic digital marketing strategies to be found online.

You can always do the minimal effort to get minimal visibility, but if you want to really gain maximum visibility and grow your business, it's a daily effort of looking at the searches, search results, analyzing your website, looking at how your competitors.

Google has an algorithm that's in constant flux. So, if you're not monitoring that on a daily basis, it's tough to really make those changes on a regular basis that are going to help to ensure that your website is a top choice when consumers are looking for it.

So while it is possible to perform SEO and digital marketing in house, it's extremely difficult. You need to be really engaged with SEO on a daily basis, watching your competitors, understanding Google updates, and doing the research that's necessary to stay on top of the changes that occur within the industry. To be top of mind when a consumer is looking for

Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to DIY Digital Marketing

Here’s an example we can use to illustrate what happens when you don’t fully understand a marketing channel like Paid Search or PPC. This example comes from the water damage industry because we see a lot of self-managed campaigns from that industry.

Paid campaigns are those paid ads that you see on Google. One common misstep for people managing their own PPC campaigns is forgetting to optimize the campaign for negative keywords. Those are the types of words where if somebody searches you and it contains that word, you don't want your ad to show up because it would be irrelevant and you'd be wasting money if somebody clicked on your ad searching for that word.

In the water damage industry, one of the big common things we see in campaigns that are self-managed is forgetting to add the word “phone” as a negative keyword. By not adding the word phone as a negative keyword, when people search for cell phone water damage or I dropped my phone in water, or things like that your ad could show up as a recommended company for that solution.

Think about how many people are searching for cell phone water damage a day. You don’t want those customers, but there’s a good chance they’ll click on your ad if it shows up first. That mistake could cost you $50 or more a click. And that’s just one example of a trick we know to optimize your HVAC PPC campaign.

The advantage of hiring a professional Paid Search company is that we’re not starting from scratch. We have Google Ad Words Certified specialists. We know the marketing channel and we know your industry and what your best customers are looking for. We can save you money. In fact, our #1 goal is to get you the lowest cost per click.

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