In today’s technology-focused world, not having a website can really hurt your business’s chance of survival. Your customers are searching right now for your products and services, and search engines are leading them to your competitors. Let’s face it, it’s time your business gets its own website!

There are a lot of options when it comes to building a website. You can purchase a template, throw some content in there, and hope for the best. Or, you can hire a professional marketing company to customize a website, do research in your industry, and write content catered to your target market. Unfortunately, only one of these options will be beneficial to your business. Building your own website or using an amateur can actually hurt your business. Unless you’re a trained and experienced website designer or online marketer, your website will simply not result in an increase in clients, instead, it could make your brand look “cheap” and unprofessional, scaring away any possible customers. In this article, we’ll dive into why hiring a marketing company to build your website is the most beneficial (and profitable!) option for your business.


There’s a good chance that you are not a professional website designer, online marketer, or writer. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what you need to create a high-quality website. Using a template gives the appearance that your company is unprofessional; low-quality content has the same effect. Having low-quality content also means your business is losing a big opportunity to close the deal. Visitors come to your website to get more information about your products and/or services if your content is low-quality, you are convincing them to go elsewhere. Your website structure is also essential so that visitors can go through your website efficiently and find what they are looking for quickly. If a visitor has to put too much effort into finding a product or a service, they will leave your website and go find a competitor. By hiring a professional marketing company you can leverage their team of professionals to build a high-quality website that not only attracts visitors but also helps bring in sales.

Loading Time

If you’re not a “techy”, you probably don’t really know what the term “loading time” really means. Loading time is how long it takes for your web page to fully load. The longer a visitor has to wait for your page to load the more likely they will leave. By hiring an online marketing company to build your website, they will ensure that your website is set up to support the number of visitors you get on your website, helping minimize load time. They understand the importance of a fast loading website, which is why they keep that in mind when designing your entire website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In order for your website to show up as a suggestion on search results and actually bring in sales, it needs to be optimized. Since you’re probably not an online marketing professional you may be thinking of looking up a “how to” and “winging it”. Don’t! Unless you really know what you’re doing, unskilled shots in the dark will not get you anywhere. By hiring an online marketing company, you’ll be able to leverage their digital marketing professionals to optimize every single page, image, and content piece placed into your website. From meta descriptions, to strategically placed keywords, there’s no one better equipped to build your website than an online marketing company.


You probably heard about all of the breaches that have happened in the past few years; these were incidents that could have been prevented. If you have customer accounts, process payments, or keep other private information on your website, your business might be hacked; the only way to ensure it is not it to take preventative measures. By hiring an online marketing company you’ll be hiring a team of professionals who understand security and ensure that your entire website is equipped to prevent hackers. Unfortunately, not all online marketing companies offer long-term security protection, which is why you should also consider hiring a cyber security company to provide long-term protection.

Make the Move

Just about every business needs a website, but that doesn’t mean that building your own website is a great idea. The truth is, a website built by an amateur will be below-standard quality; hiring an online marketing company to build (and market) your website can help you get visitors, increase customers, and increase overall profits!

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