What's the Difference Between a Good and Great Website?

Posted: in Website Optimization

Well, it's subjective if you're asking for opinions on how much one may like a particular layout or design over another.  But really what you want to measure is results: more sales, traffic, and interest in your business.

Not every new visitor, lead, or customer you gain from month-to-month will have come to you because of your website; however, a top-notch website will be designed with a strong SEO basis along with elements that are designed to convert visitors into leads and customers.  

Let's call a spade a spade: today anyone can design a website.

See our comparison of HLM vs. Build-it-Yourself sites like Squarespace & Wix

You might even go so far as to say that anyone can design a good website. However, that's really not the same thing as designing a great website.

When you want to take the reins on converting visitors to leads, then hire a website design company  that knows what they're doing. A good designer has the experience to take any business and create a website design that speaks to your target audience’s needs.

Do your customers primarily want to talk to someone on the phone and/or ask an expert questions? Then that's the first thing that will be addressed when they hit your page.

Would they rather get all the information and do everything online in one simple process without a million sign-up steps? Then a good designer will make that crystal clear before a person gets frustrated and finds another place to buy.

No matter what your online goals are, choose a website designer that understands your business and will build your website to match your customer’s needs with your company’s goals.

High Level Marketing has been consistently ranked as one of the top small business website design companies for a reason: we create beautiful websites that get results.  And they're designed to match a small business budget, to boot.

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