What's New at HLM for 2020

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Before we officially say goodbye to 2019 and welcome in 2020, we’d like to take a moment to say Thank You!

Thank you for continuing to partner with HLM for digital marketing and thank you for taking the time to share feedback with us on how we can serve you better.

We want you to know, we listened.

Here’s a rundown of improvements and updates we’ve made to streamline our communications, highlight performance metrics, protect your business, and create an overall better experience every time you interact with HLM people, products, and technology.

What’s New at HLM for 2020:

Improved Communication

You wanted an easier way to see what we’re doing for you.

  • We rolled out a personalized monthly communication that highlights what we’re doing and how it’s impacting your site’s performance.
  • If you need more details, you’ll see quick-connects to your dashboard and your personal account manager so getting the information you need is a snap.

New Boosted Performance Products

You wanted an easier way to get more Google reviews and build more trust with search engines to increase your SEO exposure.

  • We built a Reviews Platform that uses emails you upload to automatically request Google reviews from your most satisfied clients.
  • And, we invested in Core70 Citation Technology that creates and optimizes your business listings in the most popular online directories.
  • We enhanced our Footprint Technology which now provides us with a more robust assessment of local ranking factors, including competitor review profiles.
  • Coming soon, by the second quarter, Footprint will include new, more accurate local rank monitoring technology.

Enhancements to MYCE

Your website’s content management software is now more robust than ever!

  • Hate "spam" leads? So do we! We’ve upgraded MYCE’s existing spam protection to the newest, industry-leading spam lead protection to further protect you from fake leads.
  • You wanted a better experience for updating your website. So, we gave MYCE a facelift. Rolling out in January will be a more streamlined, modern interface.
  • We wanted a way to enhance the depth of the interlinking on your site for better SEO. MYCE now has a sophisticated linking engine allowing our team to further increase your optimization.

And finally...

Meet Robb Lippitt, Our New COO

Robb brings to HLM tons of experience in the tech industry, both as a serial entrepreneur and business development expert…not to mention his saint-like patience and sense of humor that keeps us all moving in the same direction.

He’s helping us orchestrate smoother operations across all departments, creating a better experience for you from sales to production to performance management.

Robb’s expertise in business development allows our CTO increased focus on the product and technology advancements that make us your preferred digital marketing partner for value and results.

We will be rolling out other improvements throughout 2020 and hope you are as excited as we are to witness the positive impact they have on your business and our partnership. To learn more about these updates or how we can support any changes you’ve made to your business, contact your personal account manager. We’re here for you.

Penny Mayry
Marketing Manager / Sr Information Architect