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We create, develop, launch, measure and modify websites and search engine strategies for over 1,200 small and medium size businesses across the US. Our employees are exceptional because they are passionate not only about their individual performance, but attaining High Level Marketing’s overall company goals. We have found that the more diverse our team, the more dynamic our deliverables. As we continue to grow our clients’ businesses, our business continues to grow.

Are you ready to put your best foot forward and grow with us? If not, check out what our newest employees have to say about High Level Marketing. 

My first experience as an employee at a relatively small web development company has completely changed my idea of going to work. At HLM (High Level Marketing), I am one of less than thirty employees, but together we manage over 1,200 clients’ web sites and SEO strategies.
What I LOVE About Working at High Level Marketing - Small Business Website Design, SEO, and Online Marketing Blog | High Level Marketing  - hlm_employeesIt sounds like it would be overwhelming, but the management at HLM understands that people have personal lives and that free time outside of the workplace is important to personal growth and fostering creativity. I never feel as if they are trying to squeeze as much work and time out of me as possible and my workload is never too cumbersome. 
I feel good about the work I do at HLM. My accomplishments are always recognized by everybody in the office and I am constantly getting positive feedback about my work. I’ve never been more driven to put my best foot forward without the pressure of strict policies and deadlines or ‘task-master’ managers. Contributing to the growth of small businesses and seeing our clients’ excitement when we reveal the sites we have created for them gives me a strong sense of pride. At HLM, I am confident that we are not taking advantage of customers or selling a product that I can’t support 100%.
What I LOVE About Working at High Level Marketing - Small Business Website Design, SEO, and Online Marketing Blog | High Level Marketing  - Laurens
At HLM I don’t feel like a small piece of a huge corporate entity. My individuality and creativity are welcomed, and reflected in each project we take on, but I still have the job security that comes with working for an established company with an amazing reputation. The incredible amount of room for personal growth as an individual, as well as being an important member of an expanding company, makes me excited for my future and the future of the company. Together, we all are constantly striving to create a better product. I look forward to going to work each day knowing that my opinions will be heard and my accomplishments will be recognized by a tight-knit group of my peers.
Our managers understand that a relaxed environment, where there is room for personal interaction with co-workers and an ability to foster a sense of individuality, leads to better results and a happier workplace. I’ve never worked anywhere that had so many young, bright, and talented employees who all got along so well. We aren’t forced to participate in team-building exercises or fed a “we’re having fun, RIGHT?” mentality, because everybody who works at HLM is excited to get to work every day--and that alone makes our workplace energetic and our relationships strong.
"I’ve learned more about SEO, web design and digital marketing in the last six months than in my previous three roles combined. I find every project on which I work to be incredibly rewarding," says Senior SEO Specialist Ken Freel. "The culture at High Level Marketing is collaborative and empowering—never before have I been encouraged and even rewarded for taking risks."
The best part about working at a small company like HLM is the ability to recognize my contribution to the final product. I enjoy working with co-workers from each department because I learn a lot and influence many aspects of each website we create. My co-workers are always willing to take an extra minute to explain their process and answer questions. There is nothing more rewarding than the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction resulting from being involved in a project from start to finish.
I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the creation of websites and SEO strategies that enable small businesses to grow and thrive - just as I have.

Author: Conor Edwards