Webinar: Practical Ways to Convert More Leads

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Webinar: Practical Ways to Convert More Leads

In this webinar we covered practical ways you can improve your website to convert more leads, including how to make your navigation easier, what makes up the best lead forms, and how your messaging can have more of an impact.

We answered these questions:

  • How do you take your website from good to great?
  • Do I need a new website or will a few tweaks make a big difference?
  • How do I better understand what my customers want?
  • How do I convert more leads from my website?

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Chris Ditty
Creative Director

Chris directs and guides the teams that create the brand, content, and design strategies for HLM’s clients. From successful product design and development within the automotive aftermarket industry to brand building, marketing and sales growth in the professional and healthcare fields, his approach has always been the same- producing results based on understanding, educating and supporting a given target market.