Webinar: How will consumers respond in a post COVID world?

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Everyone is going to stop buying everything, communications will cease to exist, and Amazon will change its name to Buy N Large.

Our outlook on 2021 is a bit more optimistic, and here’s why.

Goodbye City

With less in-office time and more remote work becoming the norm, there’s a shift going on with more and more people exiting dense city-living for suburbia and more remote locations. This shift means it’s likely more people will move from multi-tenant living to owning their own home. More people owning a home, means more roofs to repair, more HVAC systems to replace, and more remodeling to be scheduled. We’re envisioning a post COVID world being especially advantageous for the home services industries.

Shift in Skillset

Many in the restaurant industry will sadly see jobs that were once there no longer exist. However, with demands for skilled consumer labor on the rise we’re already seeing a rise in the demand shifting for people seeking out places to build their skills and pursue another direction. This bodes well for the staffing concerns in the skilled labor industries whose growth is stunted by a shortage in the skilled labor workforce.

Travel Down, Experience Up

While the numbers for the travel industries look grim, our desires as consumers for experiences will continue to thrive. We’re forecasting the experience industry as one of the most likely to see a boom in 2021 if a somewhat “return to normal” occurs. Experiences are one aspect of life not so easy to replicate over Zoom as say, a business meeting. This creates massive opportunities for not only delivering a product, but delivering a dynamite experience for the consumer to get that product. Think about how you can deliver an experience to your customers that’s more memorable.

Mental Health

2020 has sure taken its toll on nearly every aspect of life. 

You can find nearly every statistic pointing in the direction of progressively getting worse over 2020. While this is awful news, and not something reported alongside the case number scoreboard, it will create more demand for those industries who can help improve mental health such as fitness and exercise, lifestyle, relaxation, and counseling.

People Want Contactless

If anything we’ve seen over 2020, it was the expediting of businesses shifting to a contactless way of engaging with customers. And while we could all debate for hours over whether this is good for society in the long term, it is complementary to the demand of new consumers entering the market. Unless you’ve witnessed an overwhelming number of the younger generation putting down their cellphones and seeking in-person connection, you can see this is the desired shift of the new group of consumers: to avoid in-person contact where possible. COVID has only expedited this trend in preference. Continuing to develop your contactless processes for your business will pay dividends in 2021.

Crisis Breeds Innovation

Expect an influx of competitors from different industries. Who would have thought Dyson and GM would emerge as ventilator manufacturers? Look outside the blinders of your industry and seek to identify the opportunities where you can contribute to industries likely to grow in a post COVID world.

While it may not be crystal clear now how all the changes you’ve been forced to make will impact the future, the fact that you’re making them is critical. In times of crisis, it’s the companies that step on the gas pedal that emerge victorious and produce some of society's greatest innovations. HLM can help you step on the gas pedal like never before and reach more of tomorrow’s customers.

Webinar: Post COVID Digital Marketing

In this session, we walked through the trends we’re seeing for consumers in 2021 and how to take advantage of it through digital marketing.  Whether you’re new to High Level Marketing or an existing customer, you’ll learn options that will help improve and evolve your marketing strategy to take advantage of the latest recommendations.

We answered these questions:

  • How do we see consumers responding in a post COVID world?
  • How can you enhance your customer’s experience?
  • How to best market safety measures on your website?
  • How to best market with more people working remotely?

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Jon Bowerman
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Jon currently sits on the advisory board of the Specs Howard Graphic Design Program and received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Michigan in 2004. Outside of HLM, Jon runs a non-profit Kids Draw Bob focusing on improving the mental health of children through art.  He enjoys golf, illustration, drinking beer, and traveling with his family.

Jon Bowerman
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