By: Ken Freel

The backbone of any search marketing campaign is increasing inbound links to your website. In the past, webmasters could easily exchange or purchase SEO juice from their local link farm. Since then, search engines have become particularly effective at identifying black hat link-building schemes and limiting their impact or even penalizing participants. So how can you increase your inbound links organically without engaging in black hat techniques?

Before asking how to increase inbound links, it is important to contemplate why someone would want to link to your website. Would you link to your website? Check out these top five ways to make your website more linkworthy.

Top 5 Ways To Make Your Website More Linkworthy - Small Business Design, SEO, and Marketing Blog | High Level Marketing  - link

Fresh, Original Content

Frequently adding original content to your website is incredibly effective for increasing the number of inbound links you receive. Providing readers with content which can’t be found anywhere else is a great incentive for them to link to you using their blog or website.

Be an Authority

By consistently adding original content to your website, your credibility will increase dramatically as an expert in your industry. Being an expert on a topic provides numerous advantages from a search marketing perspective. When you offer original content to the web, you will influence peers in your industry to rely on you as a reputable source. This almost always results in a link citing your website.

Include Sharing Options

If you want visitors to link to you, it is important to make it as effortless as possible. Embed codes and social media sharing options can vastly increase the likelihood of your website receiving inbound links. Sharing options are an essential part of any link building initiative.

Clean Up Broken Links and Media

Maintaining the integrity of your website structure, URLs and redirects is a crucial component to encouraging visitors to your site to link to you. If your websites contains numerous missing pages, redirect loops, and constantly changing URL structures, you are making it difficult for others to link to you. The audience on the other side of the inbound link is almost sure to be disappointed, leaving few reasons to even establish the connection.

Invest in a Professional Design

When your website is visually appealing, it is hard for visitors to look away. Additionally, visitors will also want to mesmerize their friends and followers with the awesome website they stumbled across. For that reason, investing in a professional design is a guaranteed method for encouraging inbound links. Simply put, no one is going to link to a website with a visitor counter or scrolling text via the infamous marquee HTML tag.