Top 3 Challenges Entrepreneurs Face with Starting an E-Commerce Business

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Whether you’re starting an e-commerce website for organic, gluten-free cookies or luxury car components, running a successful e-commerce website can be very rewarding, but, very challenging. Regardless of how amazing your oatmeal cookies are, it can be difficult to get the word out, especially if you don’t have a well-designed website and marketing strategy.

Implementing the Right Content Marketing Strategy

People are consuming more and more digital content on a daily basis; our phones, laptops, and desktop computers at work are a never-ending hub of content.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, only 42% of B2B marketers believe they are effective with their content marketing efforts. Content marketing has a lot of different branches, ranging from your blogging, social media, email marketing, and so on.  When starting an e-commerce, entrepreneurs are challenged with understanding which branch works best for them, their brand, and most importantly, their customer.

Building Trust Simply Through a Website

If your business is entirely online, your website is your customer’s first impression…so how’s it lookin’?

The design of your website is first and foremost meant to attract the highest possible amount of new visitors from search results. Fact: if your website looks terrible, you’re going to get terrible results.

The most important thing to establish is trust. To build solid trust throughout your website, you need to make sure it's visually appealing, user-friendly, and of course, has useful content about your product.

Not Mastering the Right Sales Funnel

A main challenge you will run into with your e-commerce business is trying to understand how your sales funnel works. Your website can look awesome, navigate awesome-er, and generate a high level of traffic – but no sales. Reality is, especially in the initial stages of an e-commerce site, your site will be delivering few or no sales.

So how do you get your sales up? First, you need to have a clear understanding of your sales funnel. Your funnel is a directed path that your customers take from the time they first enter your site to when they make a purchase; simply put, it’s understanding your customer’s navigation tendency. Your website must be geared in a way that moves your customers from page to page, leading them to a final purchase.

Get your design, branding, and customer-focused content on track, and your sales funnel is in the right direction. You can improve your funnel by capturing someone’s email address and following up with them, having coupon pop-ups, or even “you may also like” popups to increase upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

We get it. It’s insanely hard to market why your cookies are better than anyone else’s. You can’t help but think, who are my customers? Where do they hang out? What kind of chocolate do they like? What makes me unique? How do I build authority? What kind of tone of content do I need to speak to my fellow cookie-lovers?

Rising above the crowds is no easy thing. You can avoid the challenges above, or you can contact a professional digital marketing company. When it comes to e-commerce, keeping up with the pace of consumer interests and their needs is an ongoing process, with many challenges in-between in regards to how to effectively reach them.  

At High Level Marketing – we do that for you. If you’re looking to start an e-commerce website and need help with all things digital marketing, contact us – we’ll have an online solution for you.