Today on “Google is Not Your Friend:” Google Drops Phone Support for Google My Business

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We’re kicking off a new series that we hope has as few posts as possible: Google is Not Your Friend. With how ingrained Google is in our personal and professional lives, it’s easy to forget that Google is a business just like you (or us!) with a bottom line to serve. Many of its decisions hinge on generating revenue for the company. Things get strange when Google’s choices wander into territory of being downright hostile to small businesses – the power users of the search world. Google is Not Your Friend will highlight times like these and offer some direction on navigating the murky waters of Google’s troubled relationship with SMBs.

Google recently announced that Google My Business users no longer have a toll-free customer support number to call the GMB support team directly.  

We’ve removed toll free customer support numbers from the Google My Business homepage. If you call one of the existing numbers, you’ll be directed to the Google My Business Help Center for a more personalized and efficient help experience.

Understanding that Google My Business is a free product (for now, but that may change), support via the toll-free phone number was hit-or-miss, at best. However, the removal of a toll-free number was replaced by a request form:

You’ll still be able to request a toll free call from a support specialist under the “Contact Us” options in the Google My Business Help Center.

The request a call form thankfully does not require a business owner alone to manage the issue. An employee, a friend, a family member, or your agency can act on behalf of the owner to mitigate a GMB issue.

While the GMB process changed, our dedication to small business hasn’t; High Level Marketing manages these relationships with search engines so you don’t have to. Take your business to a higher level and request a FREE STRATEGY SESSION.

Michael Cipielewski
Director of Digital Marketing

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