The Truth About Getting Your Business Ranked First on Google

cart before the horse marketing

“I want to be ranked first on Google”

That’s one of the most common things we, and every online marketing company, hear when we talk with prospective customers.

While this definitely helps your online efforts, it is not a foregone conclusion for the overall success of your business online.

Two things often happen when your main goal for online marketing is to get ranked first on Google:

You’re spending time, money, and effort on ranking first for terms that nobody actually searches.

“Mustard flavored water”

“Couches made from recycled toothbrushes”

“Snowplow services Arizona”

You get the point.

If it's not keyword targets with no search volume, then it's the case where you’re marketing efforts are all for nothing because your website, the most crucial element of your online marketing, is, well, terrible.

It’s not responsive, it isn’t built to convert visitors into leads, and it hasn’t been updated since this song was topping the charts:

Point being: if the foundation of your online presence is outdated or cracked, you’re wasting your time worrying about getting ranked first on Google.

Truth is, many companies, large and small, have found massive success online without being ranked first on Google.  

Let me rephrase that, you can be successful online (which often translates to offline success) without focusing your time, money, and efforts on getting ranked first on Google.  

Here’s what you should do instead...

build a strong foundation for online marketing success.

Your website design is truly the beginning of your online marketing efforts. A properly localized and optimized website serves as an inbound marketing call to Google and the rest of the search engines.

It is the home base for everything that you do online.

Start by hiring a web design company that can build websites that perform:

  • Design matches your branding
  • Design is current and up-to-date
  • Site is built with your target audience in mind
  • Site is built on a platform that is secure & trusted
  • Site is built with search engine optimization implemented
  • Site is built to convert visitors to leads & customers

It’s not enough to have a website that’s pleasing to the eye.  

It’s also not enough to have a website that’s built to convert but isn’t up to date with design and aesthetics.

You need both, and it’s crucial for your business’s online success.



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