The Importance of Content Sharing for Small Businesses

The effectiveness of social media comes from its ability to tap into the most intrinsic desire among us - the desire to share. Shareable content plays a vital role in small businesses, especially in today’s digital age. Anytime a website visitor shares your website content on social media, search engines (like Google), count it as a “vote of confidence” in your brand. It’s essentially the digital equivalent of a good recommendation or referral, and it’s critical for any good SEO campaign.

What Is Shareability and Why Is It Important?

It’s one thing to reach your consumers with your content - it’s another to persuade them to share it. Shareability is the potential a piece of content has to be broadcasted across multiple platforms. Typically, this happens when a reader will share a piece of content on their own social media page for more people to see.

These shares are critical when dealing with SEO and inbound traffic. The more people who see the content, the more visitors you’ll be having.

Because sharing content is third-party driven, any of these ‘shares’ can help your SEO to appear more natural and credible. Not only that, search engines and web users both favor content that’s shared. Again, it’s just like a personal recommendation from a friend!

Effective Social Media Presence

By 2018, the number of worldwide social media users is expected to grow towards almost 2.5 billion people. With this in mind, an effective presence on social media can do wonders for your small business - with more benefits than just improved SEO.

Populating your social media with interesting and shareable content is just the beginning. The next step is complementing your content with positive communication to your social media followers on a regular basis in order to build a dedicated audience. Building a loyal audience is essential and can result in a new channel for communicating with potential customers. In return, the outcome is strengthened relationships, improves customer devotion, and greater brand awareness.

Consistent Quality Content is Key

Regardless of the industry, being considered a thought leader creates a sense of trust from current and prospective customers.  This educational content lets your potential consumers know the wealth of knowledge you have on your product and service, creating a trust, an important business and SEO element!

In the ever-changing digital world, content creation has become more useful than ever for boosting SEO, establishing thought leadership and trust, attracting visitors and generating leads, and promotion and sharing. To learn more about content sharing and how High Level Marketing can help boost your online and social presence, contact us today!