The High Level Marketing Staff's 2021 Goals

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Finally, after 12 long months (was it only 12?), the year 2020 is over. No one expected what came last year and most plans had to be thrown out. Now with the start of 2021, we have the chance to start over. Though we may need to adapt, having goals gives us something to strive for in the beginning of a new year. 

With that in mind, we asked the High Level Marketing staff what their plans were for the year. Keep reading to hear about our personal and professional goals for the year. 

Reading Goals

Teri Marie Klein

I choose a word of the year-- mine is progress. I'm working on becoming more financially stable, being more healthy by watching my diet, and to read 30 books (my big goal is to read 100 lol but I won't get there this year). I've created spreadsheets and trackers to manage everything.

Steve Carley

I'm trying to actually complete my Goodreads reading goal I set instead of just ignoring it like the last two years and failing miserably.

Family Goals

Sierra Harbin

I wanted to be more intentional about the time I spend with Mace, so every Tuesday is Macey night. We get to do something fun that she chooses- going to the trampoline park, playing dolls for hoursssss, having a movie night with popcorn, etc- and eat whatever she wants (within reason) for dinner. I have also been working on all kinds of projects with my Cricut. It's my way to unwind.

JD Antosiak

We do family breakfast every Saturday. We make it a really big deal. The kids do a good chunk of the cooking/helping. My wife and I also intentionally have "home dates" as often as we can. Sending the kids upstairs or somewhere else, and we date in the basement. My wife and I also have "staff meetings" on Sunday nights. We look at our budget, the upcoming week's schedule, things we parented well, things we didn't parent well—all about being in union.

Workout Goals

Jennifer Rascher

My goal is 4-5 kickboxing classes each week. I want to be able to physically go all out for the full 45 min class. I also plan to have a year of adventure with my kiddos. We moved to the most beautiful side of the state, and I want to encourage us to explore all of Lake Michigan's beaches this summer. With Logan being gone for months during the summer for military training, we tend to stay home. Not this year!

Ryan Hegedus

- Build even more LEGO sets with Pete
- Get active more often and lose the PanDadBod (Pandemic Dad Bod)
- Actually read the 5-6 books I've bought over the last month but have ignored
- Learn how to do more DIY stuff around the house

Project Goals

Jake Belknap

I plan on getting a new apartment or maybe buying my first home when my lease is up at the end of April. I also plan on doing a project per month. December/January's project is candle-making! 

Lauren Hawkins

I am working to regain my "me time" working from home has been great in a lot of ways, but I let my work and life get too connected often, not leaving time for me to do the things I love like reading, going for a walk, designing spaces in my house, exercising, etc. So my focus this year is to create healthier boundaries and give myself permission to do things that fuel me creatively and mentally.

Jon Bowerman

I'm working on publishing a book. The book will be published this year by May 1; the topic is "COVID Through Cartoons."

High Level Marketing Plans for the Future

There you have it. We are happy that our staff sets such high standards for themselves. We had to change a lot in 2020, but it made us a more agile, closer-knit team. We look forward to the new challenges of the New year.

Jake Belknap
Content Manager