A great business starts with a great website.

A website keeps your customer informed, makes it possible to access a wider market, and is necessary to gain credibility and build trust with your audience.

If your small business doesn’t currently have a website, or you are looking at re-designing your current version, here are 4 popular web design options worth looking into.


Wordpress has long dominated the ever-expanding world of blog services. This well-known blog platform is famous for it’s free, highly customizable blog templates and thousands of free plugins & widgets to upgrade your site.

The downfall? While variety is the spice to life, the world of Wordpress might be a little too vast for most small business owners. The lack of quality controls makes it hard to find quality plugins and widgets (which can have a ton of security and vulnerability issues); and while free website templates sound tempting, most aren’t professional enough for a reputable business website. You'll have to pay for an upgraded version. Also, unless you have a background of coding, navigating Wordpress’s interface can be a bit tricky.

Search engine optimization: Wordpress' platform does have some solid SEO capabilities; however, it won't help you if you don't know what you're doing.

Bottom Line: Wordpress is best suited for a small business owner who wants a highly customized website, will pay for premium templates, and knows website coding.  


Website coding not your thing? No problem, thanks to the good folks over a Wix. Wix is solid platform for small business owners who know nothing about website design, and frankly don’t have the time to invest in learning more. This non-developer friendly platform allows to to drag and drop your website content, which means a new website is only a few clicks away. 

Search engine optimization: Like Wordpress, Wix does provide you with the potential of a solid SEO footprint; however, its a total do-it-yourself platform.

Bottom Line: Offering slightly less options for customization, Wix is a solid option for small business owners who don’t have a background in website coding, and need to quickly create a business website.


Another popular option for small business owners looking to design their own website is SquarespaceSquarespace offers numerous, easy to build out templates, as well as the option for you to completely design your own.  Squarespace is similar to Wix in the fact that’s incredibly easy to navigate, with no previous design or coding skills needed. However, that’s where the similarities between these two popular platforms end. Once you pick out a template and design your website, Squarespace allows you to go back and transfer your content to a new template anytime of your choosing. You aren’t locked in to any specific design aesthetic or style. Unfortunately for Wix, once you pick a template, your stuck with it. If you want to change the look or style of your website, you’ll have to completely rebuild your content. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! For a more in-depth look at the key differences between Squarespace and Wix, check our our previous blog entry here. 

Search engine optimization: Same story here as the others - does you no good if you don't know how to get your website optimized for search.

Bottom Line: Have a hard time making design decisions or in-between branding options? Squarespace is a good platform to easily re-design to your hearts content, no previous html skills needed.  


Perhaps the most comprehensive website management tool for small business owners is MyceMyce offers industry specific templates and custom designs for your small business website, and truly goes the extra mile by helping manage contentcustomers and costs easily. Myce’s dedicated team of in-house professionals helps you build your dream website, with optimized content, from the ground up. In fact, we love MYCE so much, we build all of our clients websites on it. Check out our website design portfolio and see for your yourself! 

Search engine optimization: It's true, MYCE is also a platform that requires an expert for optimization; however, with MYCE comes the help of our proven SEO programs.

Bottom Line: While you can absolutely take the time and energy to create your own website using some of the options previously listed, we recommend you leave this in the hands of a professional. 

There’s no sense taking a chance with your small business's online footprint. We recommend you hire an affordable website design business that uses a proven and safe platform like MYCE.

If you'd like a free quote on a new website, or to simply discuss website design options in more detail, click here to fill out a quick form.  We’d love to talk to you today!  

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