The Best Halloween Costume for Business this Year

Halloween, the time of year we get to dress up for a party or two and disguise ourselves as someone (or something) we’re not. And it’s fun to play the part, too. But everyone participating in Halloween activities knows the real you is under the costume. No one expects you to be able to cast a spell, or have superhuman strength, or rule the universe.

But what happens when you portray your business as something it’s not? Nearly every week I hear at least one of the requests below (and several others) from small business owners:

  • I want my website to make my business look bigger.
  • My photos aren’t good enough, can you pick a stock image?
  • My office (or vehicles) aren’t that attractive, can we show something else?

These types of requests are asking us to put a costume on your business. Even if you have the best intentions to grow your business, or you can do the things the stock photo is showing, or you want to avoid showing the real you, this kind of misrepresentation of your business can be dangerous.

Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. They’ll find out eventually.

This is the new age of business. People no longer expect perfection. What they crave is authenticity.  A real company they can trust. And that means putting the real you out there. Stock photos look fake, an About page without an owner, group, or business photo looks fake, and a website that shares the same content as other similar companies, you guessed it…looks fake. And guess what, even if you're able to fool a potential customer into giving you their contact info because your website makes you look bigger, when it comes time to deliver, your customer will figure it out. It’s only a matter of time. Worse yet, trying to look bigger than you are might actually turn away great customers who are looking for a company exactly your size.

If you’re a duck, quack like one.

You’re better off showing your real self, the data proves it. An o.k. picture of your trucks, office, or crew, taken with your cellphone, will outperform the best stock images out there. Potential customers won’t bounce because your pictures are a little blurry or a little dark. They will appreciate seeing exactly who will show up at their door to help them out. You’ll be setting the right expectations; your customers will be choosing you for the right reasons, and because everyone is in alignment, everyone will experience greater satisfaction.

This Halloween, dress up, be something you’re not for a night, and have a blast!  But for your business, keep it real, be authentic, and show people how great your business really is. The best business Halloween costume this year is being true to your brand. You might not win a costume contest, but you’ll certainly win over customers.

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