Your business is an extension of yourself, and your website is an extension of your business, so finding someone who can translate the essence of what you offer to your community is an essential partnership.

As a business owner, no one understands better than you the benefits of partnering with a local service provider, so shouldn't you do the same for something as important as your website?

Only a local website design company can bring the same local understanding to your company as you do to your customers, and the benefits of a local partnership only start there.

The benefits of a smile and a hand shake

Even though digital communication services like Skype and FaceTime make it easy to collaborate with partners located hundreds of miles away, nothing can replace face-to-face meetings, planning sessions, and training workshops.

There will always be a need for emails and phone calls even when working with a local partner, but face-to-face meetings allow for the fastest transfer of information and the easiest way for a website design partner to get to know you and your business from firsthand experience. 

A Michigan website design company can easily travel to your local office to observe first-hand what differentiates your business in the community.

Local partners understand your local customers first hand

Not only do you and a local website design company share the same area code, you share the same customer base.

A local website design company understands the cultural nuances of your local shoppers. They understand not only what motivates general buying behaviors, but also what motivates buying behaviors of consumers in Michigan based on seasonality, region, tourism, local culture, and even weather conditions. Local designers and developers are fully integrated into Michigan's state and city communities. 

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They understand the culture of your business community and how to translate that culture into an online experience for local buyers.

Barrier-free communications

Not only will a local website design company allow for face-to-face communications, it allows for barrier-free collaboration. A number of international service providers exist who offer website development services at reduced prices. While a low-budget website may seem enticing, partnering with an oversees, outsourced service provider can result in unanticipated barriers.

Even if technically talented, an internationally based developer won't have an understanding of local Michigan culture, and how your buyers think and shop locally.

In addition, language and culture barriers may make it difficult to collaborate. With a potential 12-hour time difference, if an immediate correction or fix is needed to your live site, a resource may not be available to make the correction until 3:00 a.m. local time. That means you've lost a full business day of accurately communicating with customers.

Better working relationships result in better final products. With a local partner who shares your commitment to your community, together you can develop a website that speaks your local language and targets your ideal customer.

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