Thankful in the Time of COVID-19

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COVID-19 just doesn’t want to give us a break. With infection and death rates reaching all-time highs, many businesses have had to close for safety reasons and to accommodate new or renewed state health guidelines. Many have been fearful of another surge of infections during the Thanksgiving holidays

This has been a particularly tough year. To keep our spirits high, the staff of High Level Marketing went through things we are thankful for this year. Here is a look at what some of us had to say. 

Chris Ditty

I'm thankful that in a pandemic with crushing economic setbacks we are ALL employed. I'm thankful that we're not just surviving, but thriving, and that we're continuing to help other businesses do the same. I'm thankful that through all the separation and isolation that our team has grown closer. And I'm thankful people aren't hoarding whisky the same way they're hoarding toilet paper.

Terri Matheson

I’m grateful for my husband who is my best friend. His humor, his outlook on life, and his love for helping others inspires me to be a better person.

Teri Marie Klein

I started a new job! (Teri is one of the newest members of HLM)

Ryan Hegedus

I only got like 3 weeks of paternity leave when Peter was born. Going on 8 months of it with Eliza now. Pretty cool to be able to see her change so much

Lauren Merian

I am very thankful for the new babies in my family! My sister and 6 cousins all had babies in 2020, plus another is due in December. Little, squishy babes make things a lot better!

Lauren Hawkins

I am thankful for my new home and my engagement and that also through a global pandemic was able to grow relationships even stronger and get a bit more creative with family activities. I loved participating in drive-by birthdays and seeing the joy that it brought people!

Jennifer Rascher

I'm thankful for seeing my family's hard work pay off. Thanks to Covid- we were able to jump at a chance to pursue our dreams. We moved to Grand Rapids where we are buying our dream home, and I was able to keep my job... and I'm even more thankful I have a job in these times. HLM is grinding and thriving- I'm thankful to be surrounded by the talent that is on our team.

Mark Hosch

I'm thankful that my son has been in a classroom all year learning with only 1 confirmed Covid case in school. 1000s of children are affected by this and may never make up the education they are truly missing. I’m so glad it’s as normal as possible with Max.

Steve Carley

I'm thankful to have my immediate family so close to me, including my twin-brother, sister in law, and lil nephew moving into a new house way closer to me, for thanksgiving. no need to worry about traveling and whatnot.

Wesley Mathews

I’m grateful for a Healthy Family, Mind, Friends, and Businesses.

Scott Peltier

I’m thankful for washable paint.

Scott's kid playing with washable paint.

Continue the Support and Positivity, No Matter What Comes Next

Support of a strong team can see everyone through a tough time. Even though the lockdowns continue to extend and we continue to work apart, the team at HLM also continues to support each other. I am thankful for a supportive team, a job that offers me new opportunities to learn, and the video games I’m able to afford because of that job. I’m also thankful for our upcoming pre-Thanksgiving Zoom happy hour!

Jake Belknap
Content Manager