Starting a Business? Your website should be your first purchase.

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By: Jon Bowerman - Director of Design and Marketing


What's the goal of your business? Is it to make money? Whether you're selling products, unclogging drains, or making the world's best sandwiches, you should be in business to make money; and to make money you need customers.


Think about the number of things in your business that will make you money. Your office? No, it costs money. Sure, a sign out front may bring in a customer or two, but if you’re starting out, you’re generally not in a great, high traffic location. Let’s see… sticky notes, pens, paper, computers, printers, routers, coffee makers, and your office chair. Nope. Ovens, tools, trucks. Nope.


If you can't figure out if something in your business makes you money, try this: stand back, stare at it, and wait. How long do you think it will take until your office chair gets you a new customer?


Right now, guess who makes you money. You. Unless you've got a sales team, that's it. The problem is, you can’t be getting customers 24/7. There won't be any time left to run or build your business, or get some sleep for that matter.


The internet, the internet must make me money, right? Not the kind you get from the cable company. What if I told you there was something on the internet that worked to get you more customers, even while you're sleeping. That's right, your website. 


It's amazing how many new business owners we see where their website is an afterthought, or an "I’ll build it myself" venture, or a "let me try this website for $15/year" special. Seriously, if you invested $15/year in a stock, how much return do you think you’ll get? 


Approach your business expenses like life. The wealthy buy assets because they mature, produce dividends, and work for you even when you're not there.  You should be seeing a minimum 200% return on your website investment in the first year. 


Your website will mature like an investment too.


The longer your website is ranked in the search engines, like Google, the higher it will move up in the rankings and the more customers it will produce. If you find the right web company that can design your website and get you ranked in Google, your website will become a great asset, make your company more valuable for a buyout, and ultimately allow you to do less work to get more customers. High Level Marketing is the right company, and we'll help you get started today.


If you don't believe me, go invest in that really sweet coffee table for your reception area. Your competition will appreciate it.
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