Spooktacular Halloween Posts that Work!

Creep It Real and Show Your Holiday ‘Spirit’

When thinking about what to post on your company’s social media channels, leveraging the season, as well as the holidays associated with that season, are a quick and easy way to remind your customers that you’re just like them. That may seem like an odd statement, but hear us out...

More often than not, customers see a ‘company’ as a nameless, faceless entity that simply exists to sell a product and/or offer a service. They often identify brands as a commodity devoid of human emotions. As a result, they often overlook the people behind those businesses. This is why it’s so important for businesses to remind their customers that they are people, too!  

This is where your social media channels come into play- They help you connect with your customers and remind them that you are real, that you care, and that you have a personality too. So, when it comes to what you should share on social media this Halloween to better connect with your customers, we have a few ‘eye’deas for you.

Can We Use This Opportunity to Promote a Special?

The short answer is… ABSOLUTELY! However, let’s be clear, you don’t always have to promote your products and/or services! Sometimes a simple message that shows off your personality is all it takes for customers to ‘like’ you, or attract new prospects who may have otherwise been indifferent to you. With that, here’s a few Halloween messages you can tailor to fit your business.


  • Oh My Gourd! Halloween Clearance Sale - Up to XX% OFF (insert your product or service here)! Book Now!
  • Corpses care about being comfortable, too! Take XX% off your (new roof installation, AC service, tree trimming service, etc.) Call us at (insert your phone # here) or message us by (end of promotion date) to avoid falling victim to the Zombie Apocolypse.
  • Creep it real and celebrate Halloween with us! (insert your offer here)
  • Halloween Discounts Start Today… for those with the best costumes! (insert your offer here)
  • Boo! It’s Halloween, and we’re giving you pumpkin to talk about! (insert your offer here)
  • I put a spell on you! Enjoy our XX% off Halloween Sale
  • When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers ‘tis near Halloween!
  • Break out your pillowcases and hit the streets before Charlie Brown and his Giant Pumpkin snag all the good treats!
  • We give out the best treats! Stop by (insert your store name and address here) and we’ll prove it- And we promise, this isn’t a trick!


Okay, I see a Couple I Can Use for My Business. What’s My Next Step?

Again, engaging with customers and prospects on social media starts by first committing yourself to POSTING A MESSAGE on your social media page! Remember... people enjoy connecting with other people, so be genuine, authentic and real… and preferably not too scary and/or covered in fake blood. In other words, just be yourself and don’t overthink it.

We sincerely hope this helps you feel better about dipping your toes into the social media ‘dead’pool! From all of us at High Level Marketing, have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Chris Ditty
Creative Director

Genuine, down to earth, trusted and committed to producing results based on understanding, educating and supporting a given target market.