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At High Level Marketing, we design, develop, launch, measure and modify websites and SEO strategies primarily for small businesses. We value entrepreneurship and strive to be small businesses’ lifeline.
During sales scoping conversations, members of our business development team propose effective solutions they know are proven to generate leads and increase conversions—including blog management. They know that small businesses that blog attain 126% more customer than growth than small businesses that do not blog.1 Surprisingly, many small business owners are quick to say ‘nay’ when asked if they would like a blog included with their website. 

Why Do Small Businesses Shy Away from Blogs?

There are a number of common concerns that small business owners attribute to their decline of the inclusion of a blog with their brand new, usability-optimized websites:
  1. “I don’t have time to manage it.”
  2. “I’m not a good writer; no one in my company is.”
  3. “I don’t know where to begin; about what to write or what the format is.”
  4. “I never read blogs so I don’t think it’s necessary to offer/maintain one.”
As America’s small business lifeline, High Level Marketing wants to be the agent of change—the factor that improves small businesses’ success rate. As such, we plan to write a series of four posts that will address each of these common concerns individually and provide an actionable plan for success. After all, our sole goal is to help small businesses win more business. Before some of the myths and misconceptions are addressed, it is important to reveal the reasons why blogging is critical for small businesses in particular.

Small Business Blogging Benefits

The primary benefits appear in both the short term-due to keywords, and long-term for a number of other reasons, e.g. algorithmic, credibility and popularity. All told, blog in order to:
  1. - Establish credibility as an expert within a particular service or product category
  2. - Provide an equitable exchange with prospects. Entice them with valuable content and they will most likely reward you with current business and future referrals.
  3. - Generate more leads as a result of driving more traffic to your website—SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  4. - Surprise and delight customers by engaging them with seasonal offers or anything relevant to your particular client base.
  5. - Power and populate your social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc.
Are you chuckling? Indeed, most non-blogging small business owners probably do not maintain a social media strategy either, but alas—they do not for the same reasons they do not manage a blog. Blogging is the input to the social media channels output. All channels work in concert to create one synergistic effect—MORE leads, business, referrals and sustainable growth.
Check back next week when we’ll address each of the aforementioned reasons small business owners confess that they do not blog and provide simple steps to blogging success.
1. Business Blogging 101- ‘How to Use Content to Get Customers’

Author: Elizabeth Scavnicky Yaekle