As a small business owner, your focus is most likely on your bottom line. As discussed in last week’s post, there are never enough hours to complete everything you had hoped to accomplish on any given day.
Perhaps you’ve considered creating a blog, but like many other small business owners, have ultimately opted against it because you don’t consider yourself a good writer. Worse yet, you can’t think of a single person within your organization whose skill set includes professional writing.

Companies Who Blog Generate More Leads

Fret not. There are millions of blogs—some written by the absolute best authors and others that are written by writers who are pretty good or just average. You can easily improve your written communication skills by blogging about trends and topics with which you are already familiar. Truth be told, 67% more leads per month are generated by companies who blog1. So blogging will improve your bottom line over time.

Readers Don’t Care If You Have a Degree in Communications

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Most bloggers do not hold degrees in communications and readers couldn’t care less if they do or not. Readers want to be educated, engaged, entertained and enlightened. As a small business owner, your primary goal should be to educate and engage.
By educating your audience, you will demonstrate your expertise within a specific niche, industry, field and/or community. This is particularly important for service-oriented firms, many of whom offer services that are practically commoditized.
When a Midwestern homeowner’s furnace breaks down in the dead of winter and she searches for a repair company, there could be hundreds of results for her major metropolitan area. Chances are she will check out a handful of sites on the first and second pages of the search results. So many options—which company will she choose? Most likely, she’ll contact the business that appears to be the most professional and credible, and informative blog posts definitely impact both characteristics.
Engage your audience to keep them returning for more compelling content. Continuing with the previous example, a Midwest HVAC company can maintain her interest over time by providing her with helpful tips about how to keep her furnace and A/C unit running optimally; common allergens and new products that help to minimize their presence; ways to save on maintenance and prevent repairs, etc.

Leverage What Works

If you’re still concerned that your writing is so sub-par that no one will want to read it, repurpose whatever case studies, collateral, presentations, white papers, etc. have proven successful in the past. Share excerpts and expound on them. The goal is to reinforce your expertise, establish credibility, instill trust and ultimately, generate leads—and later on, referrals.
Still not convinced you need to blog? Keep in mind that companies that blog 15 times per month get five times more traffic than those that don’t2.
Tune in next week when we’ll focus on ideal content formats, the best blogging platforms and more.
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Author: Elizabeth Scavnicky Yaekle