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Signs That It's Time for a New Website

Posted: in Small Business Digital Marketing

Wondering if you need a new website? Then you probably do. 

If leads from your website are down; if your website isn't showing up in search results; if your services, employees, logo, or location has changed; if the little voice inside your head is wondering if you need a new website...you probably do.

Every day business owners reach out to us for online marketing help. They know they have an outdated website and are turning to HLM for website design and development expertise to bring their website into the modern era.

Design trends and technology change rapidly. This means that once your new website is published, almost certainly an algorithm update will happen. Having a company that stays on top of Google changes and can quickly and consistently update your website will ensure your site stays fresh.

Here are a few of the most common signs your website may be ready for an update:


1. Your sales team is embarrassed to send your website link to prospects. 


That’s right. If the sales team would rather send them to the Facebook page or attach collateral, your website might not be portraying the “with-it” professional image you think it is.

2. You provide a disclaimer that “it’s been a while since we updated our website” when you ask someone to visit your website. 


Sound familiar? It probably means your website is outdated and you’re not proud of it.

3. Your computer prompts you to download flash when you visit the website. 


Hmmm. Most moved past flash a few years. It is definitely time for an upgrade.

4. You have overused or cheesy stock photography on your website. 


The available images years ago weren’t as robust as they are today. Are your images played out or a bit goofy? You guessed it- time for a refresh.

5. None of the phone numbers on the website are click-to-call buttons. 


Click-to-call buttons are critical for mobile traffic and getting ranked on Google. If you don’t have click-to-call buttons your website may have been built before mobile devices were a thing.

6. You don’t have an SSL Certificate. 


Most old websites we see don’t have SSL certificates. They typically come standard with all new website builds. If you don’t have one, it's not sending the right trust signals to Google and it will most certainly impact your rankings. 

7. Links and/or images don’t show up on your website anymore. 


When you visit your website are there missing links, misaligned content, or images that don’t exist anymore? If multiple people are handling your website, if you've made some recent changes, or your website is so old the pages you linked to have been taken down, you likely have broken links.

Not only do broken links make for a terrible user experience, but they also send red flags to search engines that your site is old and not worth delivering up in search results. After all, Google has a reputation for recommending only the best of the best to uphold.

8. You just hate your website.

No need to have shame in your game. There are tons of reasons for limping along with an outdated website. Whatever the reason, if your website is 3+ years old, it's worth having one of our digital marketing experts take a look.

Google has made a ton of algorithm updates and changes over the past couple of years. Likely one or more is affecting your rankings and costing you leads. Our free website and SEO evaluation will reveal what you need to do to get it back on track and delivering up leads. And isn't that the biggest reason for having a website anyway?

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