Should You Write HVAC Content for Search Engines or People

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Good HVAC Content is Written for People, Of Course!

Everyone’s heard that content is king and with Google’s focus on engagement and relevancy, it’s true now more than ever. This means when it comes to focusing on a specific campaign or page content such as furnace repair or AC installations you need to be relatable, informative, and interesting.

As a reputable metro-Detroit web design company, our number one goal for HVAC websites is to keep your visitors on your pages and clicking around your site. This is a huge indicator to Google that you are an authority in your field on whatever the search terms were that got that visitor to your page. Content development is just one piece of the HVAC marketing puzzle.

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This is the HVAC Sales Funnel

Think of your website pages as funnels with the pointy side at the bottom. At the very top, or the widest part are the consumers searching for things like HVAC repair or heating repair or cooling repair or installation, or a new furnace company. They are our researchers. They may not be ready to purchase just yet, but they are shopping for an HVAC company they can trust so when the time comes, they already know who to turn to.

To engage that consumer, the most important thing that you would want to include in terms of content on your website would be trust signals. This includes client testimonials, manufacturer logos, accreditations and certifications, and photos of your crew. 

Near the middle of the funnel are people a little closer to making a purchase decision. In terms of web page content, there's an opportunity to answer questions that are not pushing sales, but rather answering questions and earning trust. For example, someone might be searching something like, “what is the best heating system to put in my home lowering my heating bills” or, they may be looking for a branded furnace and comparing two different brands, so they might search something like “what brand furnace has the best energy output for bungalows,” or things like that. These are long-tail search queries.

When we structure HVAC webpage content, the first objective we have is to make sure that we're answering the initial question of “Do we provide the service that a consumer could be looking for?” Because that's where most HVAC businesses are going to receive the most benefit as search engines evolve.

What kind of content is satisfies both people and search engines?

Answering those longer tail search queries where someone might be looking for, such as comparison information or pricing information, or which brands offer the longest warranty. The more content that you provide on your website that can articulate answers to consumer questions, will have a greater impact on your search results and your conversions.

Speak to the Way People Listen

It’s not only the content that’s on your website. It’s how it is written. There’s an old marketing saying that you need to speak to the way people listen. It used to be that when we wrote content for your website, it was beneficial to use a lot of keywords. Now we refer to that in the industry as keyword stuffing. It was a way to feed the search engines what they were looking for. Now search engines are a lot smarter, especially Google with the rise of artificial learning. Their machines are now able to read your site and understand it the way a human does. Now they are looking for the experience.

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