For those small business owners who may have been considering Wordpress for your website design needs, a word of caution.

You're thinking...going with Wordpress means:

  • an easily accessible resource 
  • many of the packages are fee-free
  • many of the programs are simple to implement
  • it has programming that ranges from simple blogging to an entire web content package

Please consider the following. You own a small business which means putting in long hours, on little sleep with a bottom line to meet. The security of your website is important because you don't have time to be on the lookout for hackers while you are doing everything you need to do for your business. 

The use of Wordpress has posed significant security issues to its users. Hackers have been able to easily spot the vulnerabilities that are inherent with its use. 

Unfortunately this vulnerability can lead to your business, it's assets and the confidence your customers have placed with using your website at serious risk! 

It is important to trust your website design needs to a entity that makes the security and look of your company their only business.

With High Level Marketing, we build all of our websites on our proprietary MYCE system:

A MYCE™ website manager is customized to fit the unique design of your website. With most content managers, your website’s design, and therefore effectiveness, is limited to the structure of the content manager. MYCE™’s independent architecture allows your website to be easily managed without sacrificing the design.

In other words, your website will be secure

No small business owner starts out wanting to compromise how they do business. Many consumers today rely on the web to conduct business and you want to be right there for them, letting them know that their private, and protected information is securely exchanged on your website. At HLM, we incorporate the most cutting edge technologies in designing your website or SEO marketing campaign. Since we are geared to work with small businesses, we provide a personal and supportive atmosphere so you can have all of your questions and concerns handled quickly and efficiently as we join along with your constant eye on your businesses' bottom line.

One of the ways we minimize the vulnerability of your website to hackers is by using our secure content management system (CMS), MYCE™; as opposed to a universal system like Wordpress. With a universal system hackers are able to get onto to your site and infect it via the portal of a vulnerable plug-in. Wordpress utilizes a universal content management system along with the ability to add several plug-ins to your do-it-yourself website design. These plug-ins act as entrance holes to hackers who go on and wreak havoc by overloading content on your website. HLM's MYCE™ system is unique to our clients, and we never allow any third-party plug-ins or apps.

One of the biggest draws to Wordpress is the ease of use in managing your content.  Users of all skill levels can create content and update their website with little to no technical knowledge.  When we built the MYCE™ system, we knew we needed to match this ease of use.  And that's exactly what we did.  If you can use Microsoft Office or Google Docs, then you can easily manage the content on your website; a site that we'll build to perform.

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