Should I Use PPC to Get More HVAC Leads?

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We Say Absolutely!

Watch our interview with Don Marks, HLM Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist and Jon Bowerman, HLM CTO and Co-Founder, already in progress:

We have a lot of HVAC owners asking HLM, a metro-Detroit PPC company,  if PPC is a good strategy to get more leads, especially in the slow seasons. Many of them have tried and found it more difficult than Google makes it out to be. And oftentimes, they found themselves blowing through their budget in just a few days without the best results.

Google is a business.

It's in business to make money and they've created channels that allow small businesses to reach more consumers while at the same time helping Google increase its bottom line. Google Ads aka Google Adwords or Google PPC is just such a channel. Google Ads helps HVAC businesses promote their businesses, especially outside of the geographic area or where they're located. Why is that important for HVAC owners?

One of the big things that we've seen change over the 10 years we’ve been in digital marketing is there's a much greater emphasis on proximity in search results today.

So, where a small business is located has a much stronger impact on where they're visible in Google search than it was even last year. And Google continues to tweak their algorithms and add more that put a greater emphasis on proximity. What this means to HVAC companies and other small businesses is that showing up in search results outside of the radius that Google deems feasible for a consumer or service tech to drive is incredibly difficult.

This is especially true in a larger metropolitan area where there are several more competitors in the area. Whatever your reason for wanting to reach HVAC customers beyond say a 10-mile radius, you likely need to look at other channels to help promote your business. Google Ads and local service ads provide you the opportunity to do that.

Any business owner can sign up for Google Ads.

It's an auction platform that allows them to bid on keywords and certain areas that they want to target. You don’t even have to have a storefront or local address in the area you want to target the ads in. But, it's a program that is not easy to operate. It definitely takes a lot of expertise to get the most efficient return.

If you’re like most small business owners, when you invest in a paid channel, you want to have a predictable outcome in terms of your lead generation costs. This means you really need to be optimizing your PPC program just like you would an SEO strategy or any HVAC marketing plan focused on conversions and results so that you're generating enough of the right potential new customers to make the investment worthwhile. Opportunities cost money.

PPC is becoming a lot more predictable.

It allows you to be profitable as a small business owner, but PPC is definitely a channel and would be part of your overall HVAC marketing strategy. Because of the constant changes in the Google algorithm, PPC is something that is a lot more predictable because it's based on whatever budget you're willing to spend, and then how competitive do you want to be relative to the other businesses that are offering the services that you do within the area that you want, that you operate. To get the best results from your PPC campaign, we recommend you work with a professional Paid Search team like the one at HLM.

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