Should I Build My Website Myself or Outsource It?

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Depending on your business, and your level of knowledge within the technology space, you may be fortunate enough to be able to build your own website. However, if you have a heavily trafficked and sophisticated website to create, it might be wise to outsource it to the experts.

Would you try to repair a broken gas line if you had no idea what you were doing? It’s unlikely. Would you perform a root canal on a friend without proper training? We certainly hope not.

We outsource things that are not in our wheelhouse because we understand that there may be someone who is more equipped to handle these tasks. Regardless, each option comes with pros and cons. We want you to be fully informed of arguments for both sides and then make the best decision for your business.


Building Your Own Website

Maybe you’re someone who likes to challenge themselves to the task of learning new things, or perhaps you have some knowledge in the web development space. If that’s you, high-five, you go-getter! There is an abundance of resources for you to learn web development through. Be mindful that it may take time to obtain an extensive understanding of everything that goes into creating and fueling your own website. If this is the route you’re going to take, be sure to have a realistic idea of your timeline.

Sometimes, building your website can seem more manageable and more cost-effective up front. After all, you’re a capable, independent woman, or a man who is good at problem-solving. You can figure this out. Some content management systems (CMS) like Wix and Squarespace are user-friendly builders that allow individuals to create their own aesthetically pleasing website at little to no cost.

A good part of using a CMS is that it makes domains and hosting platforms easier to understand. If you are trying to build a website without using these platforms and have no experience in the development space, the process can be difficult. You will have to secure your domain, and then find a server to host your website. Keep in mind that on top of learning how to create your website, there is also the challenge of search engine optimization (SEO) and lead generation. These are two beasts in themselves and require just about as much time to understand as does building your site.

If you are looking for a simple website that displays information or showcases your work, these may be good enough options for you. However, if you are looking to create a website that generates leads, tracks SEO information, or has an intricate weave of parent and subpages like that in retail, you may want to do your research and bite the bullet to have your website built by someone who knows what the heck they’re doing.

Outsourcing to the Experts

As much as we may want it to, the internet doesn’t work on hopes and prayers. If your website goes down, so might your business.

Ask yourself how much risking a faulty or insufficient DIY site is worth to the success of your business. If you have a large number of skews, a simple CMS will not cut it due to the complexity alone. In reality, unless you build your website from scratch, you will most likely have very little control over the design and functionality of your website. Your business is not a one-size-fits-all, and your website shouldn’t be either. Outsourcing your website allows you to have more input in creating something that is specially designed for your needs without the hassle of doing it all yourself.

Cost is often a significant determining factor between DIY and outsourcing. Yes, outsourcing is more expensive than building a website yourself; however, there are several valid reasons to spend the money anyway:

  • You will spend more money if you attempt to learn how to build your website on your own, and then decide your result doesn’t work for your business.
  • Building a website can be done on a deadline by professionals with years of experience.
  • Your website will look and function just as you want it to.

You need to look at this as an investment, not a cost. You have a business to run. Let someone else deal with writing the code and creating content.

At High Level Marketing, we know how essential it is to have a properly functioning website that fulfills all of your needs. With ten years of experience in the digital marketing industry, we have satisfied over 1,000 clients and counting. You can operate your business with peace of mind knowing that your website is in good hands. If you are ready to take the next step with your website, let our team work with you. Call us today at (888) 717-4249.

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