There are two options when it comes to creating a website for your business: build it yourself or having someone else do it.

Both of these options have pros and cons that come with them. As you will see, though, unless you have experience in building websites, then you may be better off having someone else do the work for you.

In fact, in the majority of cases, you will likely want to have someone else do it.

But, before you make the decision, you should know what your options are.

Building Your Own Website

Many business owners opt to build their own website when starting out. This can be a viable option if you have a small, start-up company - but chances are you’ll need a more advanced website as your business grows. Over time, you will need a more complex website that matches the needs of your blossoming company.  

But let’s say you’re just starting off, and/or you simply have $100 to spend on a new website.  What are your options?

Most small business owners go with the DIY approach with a website builder like Wix or Squarespace. These two services allow you to choose a website look from a set of free pre-designed themes that are available to everyone.  You can then upload images and logos, adjust the colors and fonts, and tweak the look to do your best to match your company’s branding.

Honestly, not a bad option if you’re a photographer or someone simply looking to display a portfolio of work.  You can present an attractive presentation of your work; if aesthetics are all that matter.

But therein lies the problem.

Most small businesses are more complex than that.  Yes, we all want our website to look good.  But what’s usually more important is how the website performs.  

Is your website responsive - meaning it functions properly on mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers?

Does the site drive qualified traffic via search engine optimization?

Is the site built to flow that traffic to a website goal (landing page, form, offer, etc.)?

Chances are, if you built it yourself, your website isn’t set-up to assist your business’s growth online.

Outsourcing Your Website Build and Design

Yes, this is the more expensive option. But outsourcing your website to a proven website design company is an investment. An investment into the future of your business.

A good website design company will work side-by-side with you to make sure they fully understand your business, your products/services, your goals, and your future plan.  All of these details go into a well-built and designed website.

Finding a competent website design company to handle the creation of your company’s site isn’t an easy task.  There are dozens of local options, along with national and international companies that will promise you the world for a very little upfront investment.

It's not an easy decision.

That's why we created this helpful, free guide:

How to Choose the Right Website Design Company

Click the link above to download your free copy. It’ll walk you through all of the different options and things to consider when making this decision.

Today, the first place people go to research a company is online.  They're using Google and other search engines to find answers to their problems. As a business owner today, your online success hinges upon your website's ability to appear as a solution to your prospective customers' problem. 

So the winning combination becomes website design + search engine optimization.

And it's really hard to accomplish both of those things with a build-it-yourself approach to website design. 

If you’re interested in learning how High Level Marketing can help your business establish an online presence, drop us a line.  We’re an affordable website design company with 6+ years of working with small businesses. Check out our design portfolio and see why we have a 98% customer satisfaction rate.