Self-Improvement Month Celebrated at High Level Marketing

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It is always the right time to do something good for yourself.

Though self-improvement is a good thing to do always forever (wait, that sounds overwhelming), September was Self-Improvement Month. The High Level Marketing staff have a lot going on in their lives. Between families, hobbies, and social distancing for the Coronavirus, there is never a shortage of activity to fill our time. We wanted to take some time to recognize ways some of our staff has been working on themselves recently.

Exercise and Fitness

Ryan Hegedus

It can be tough to stay motivated for exercise, but Ryan and his wife found a way. “Annie and I bought FitBits to track our steps and get points for this app called Achievement.” He started talking about points and gift cards he earned. Plus, check out those calves! Thanks step-tracker!

Ryan and his family go for a walk with a fitbit tracking their steps.

Jenn Rascher

Some people kick their problems down the line, others kick their problem’s butt! Jenn started taking kickboxing classes for exercise and to clear her head. So far, she is rocking out. Keep it up Jenn!

Jenn's workout bag and her dedication to stay strong despite the chaos of the world.


Sierra Harbin

We are lucky to have some great writers at HLM. These writers bring their skills to their role here at the company, but also in their personal lives. Sierra’s love of words and her daughter, Macey, led her to write the manuscript for a kids’ book all about sharing kindness by making cards for others. We would share more, but her agent is being very closed about the project. 

Scott Holiday

Writing isn’t only done by the writers! Scott enjoys writing outside of work. His writing uses both fiction and non-fiction mediums to better understand his experiences and share some interesting stories. He wrote through the darkness of his eldest sister’s death when she was only three months old in his story “While Heather is Still Alive.” 

Religion and Reflection

Robb Lippitt

Robb started telling me about Mussar. I’ll let him explain: “The practice is to focus on a trait you want to cultivate and then create a reminder or phrase which reinforces that practice. Been doing one every couple of weeks. So far I've done:

  • Reflection/Cheshbon HaNefesh
  • Humility/Anavah
  • Patience/Savlanut
  • Holy/Chutzpah Azut D Kedushah
  • Order or Organization/Seder

That sounds nice, but you may wonder how he puts that into practice. “I put the phrase on my desk and look at it as things come up. For example, for Avanah (Humility) my phrase is ‘No more than my space, no less than my place.’ The concept is both to make room for others but that a false humility and a retreat from fulfilling your gifts is also a failure.”

Continuing Education and Certifications

Penny Mayry 

Many HLM team members stretch themselves to learn more and “tool up” so they can do bigger and better things. Penny is one of a few intense workers gaining certifications in specific fields of digital marketing.

“As a ‘see a need/fill a need’ type of person, I am always looking for opportunities to expand my industry knowledge and add value to the teams I'm on and clients I work with. This year's focus is data-driven marketing and I'm proud to say I've completed step one - earning my Digital Analyst certification from CXL Institute.”

She continues to bring a critical lens to what we do so we can always improve. 

Many Personalities Here at High Level Marketing

With more than 40 staff members at HLM, we have a wide range of talent. Our crew bring excellent digital marketing skills, but are so much more than what they do during their working hours with the company. We look forward to continuing to celebrate them and their amazing accomplishments. 

Jake Belknap

Jake Belknap is a lifelong learner who combines a thirst for knowledge and first hand experience with chasing research down the rabbit hole to bring better understanding to readers through writing.