Search Traffic - Where Content Marketing and SEO Intersect

Posted: in Pulse on the Industry

Author: Shammi Farook

Since Google’s infancy, times have changed—a lot. In the early days, you could throw out any kind of content and direct thousands of visitors to your site. Slowly but surely, however, Google’s algorithms became smarter and were able to determine how to promote sites with high-quality content while demoting the others. That’s when many online marketing experts focused heavily on in-depth content marketing, claiming that content marketing is replacing SEO.
But if you create quality content with poor SEO strategies, you will have an amazing read that no one can reach. On the other hand, if you utilize cutting-edge SEO with ineffective content with which no one engages, you will not build a meaningful relationship with your audience. By combining SEO strategies with effective content marketing, however, they can work together seamlessly to further your search marketing efforts. 

Apply Search Data

Refer to your most popular keywords and search terms to create high quality content that will be relevant to your audience. This is not to say that you should create content stuffed with keywords, but there is little use in creating content people aren’t going to read. The trick is writing relevant, meaningful content that your audience wants and needs, and will compel him to share and engage with. Use Google Trends for trending topics that apply to your industry to base your content on. 

Build Authorship

Google Authorship can be extremely beneficial for both content marketing and SEO. By implementing authorship on your website and having your name displayed in search results, you will improve your click-through rate and establish your authority as an author. 

Don’t Forget About Social Media

This, in turn, will encourage others to share your content and improve your social media relationships with your target audiences. The value of marketing on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn isn’t only limited to the increased size of your audience, but also in the network of related consumers. When your content is shared from person-to-person, it is a great opportunity to promote and distribute your content and improve your web presence.
SEO and content marketing are two very different aspects of digital marketing and require different skills, but combining these two key elements can help you reach a larger audience. When you create your next marketing strategy, keep content and SEO in mind when it comes to production and promotion.