Quick Guide to Facebook & Twitter for HVAC Companies

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Whether your company is currently using social media, or you’re just starting to integrate social media into your marketing efforts, sites like Facebook and Twitter are an amazing (and free) way to increase your HVAC company's presence, community, and online visibility.

Your potential customers are turning to social media to find out if you're a credible answer to their heating & cooling issues at home.  Make sure you're not only found on Facebook and the like, but you're displaying your depth of expertise. 

Let’s take a look at two of the major social media channels your HVAC business certainly needs to be present & active on:


91 percent of local searchers say they use Facebook to find local businesses online, so let’s make sure they can find yours!

You want your HVAC company to have a business page (not a personal account) that is active (daily posts) and full of helpful information (contact info, reviews from past customers, etc.).

Add one new post a day with a link to your blog posts & industry relevant hashtags to increase traffic and engagement. Posts can include but are not limited to: pictures, questions, contests, promotions, client makeovers, links to blog content, etc. Respond to every question and comment on your page, as well as any messages you might receive.

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Twitter averages 24 billion search queries per month, and 67 percent of Twitter users are more likely to use a good or service from a business they follow on Twitter.

If you haven’t already, create a Twitter account for your company. While Twitter doesn't have the large audience that Facebook possesses, it does have one huge advantage over it's competition:

Tweets (Twitter posts) are now indexed by Google.

Which means, the content that you push out through Twitter can be found through searching on Google - ultimately increasing the likelihood a potential customer finds you online.

Some helpful Twitter tips include:

  • Locate and engage users, hashtags, accounts and other organizations associated within the HVAC industry to create a higher online visibility.
  • Create and monitor custom searches targeting users who may be interested in your programs and engage with them.
  • Tweet an average of 10 outbound tweets a day, as well as retweet other relevant tweets

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If you're interested in learning how High Level Marketing can help grow your HVAC business online, schedule a free consultation with us.  Our experience team will help develop a plan of success for you, all at no cost or obligation.

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